12 killed at a college Country Bar! Angry liberal?


At least 12 dead in shooting at Thousand Oaks nightclub, police say

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Details still coming… but another mass shooting at a country music location. Let’s see if the fbi will release this guys motives.

California bar mass shooting leaves 12 dead, including sheriff's sergeant

False Flag, same crisis actors from Las Vegas. Vegas is connected to this. Fake News, Fake Bombs, Fake Shooters, shit never ends.



I applaud you folks who just can’t help yourselves but try to politicize a tragedy before the bodies are even cold, blood is still wet and the wounded still bleeding and being treated.

At least you’re out of the closet for all to see.


Well…you might be right. It was on CNN, solid confirmation.


When will the government step in and do something about country music? It is ear cancer and has killed nearly 100 people in the past year.


No motive has been released by the PD.

From the description it would appear he’s either some sort of Antifa Goon or was just trying to rob the place.

According to at least one witness he was in all black, black facemask tossed a pile of smoke bombs around the room, and was heading for the cash register.

Only 12 shots were reported which is a very low number for someone intent on a mass casualty event.

Either it was an idiot wannabe lone terrorist or a robbery gone bad most likely but we won’t know anything for at least several hours or even days other than perhaps the perp’s name and prior history with LEO’s if any.


Cite your source please.


Imagine a world where this was a shocking story still.


Las Vegas shooter left wing nut job opens fires of country music crowd. We all know conservatives like country music.
This guy walks in with a long jacket on. Hmmmm just questioning


Seriously? …


Name one victim that was shot last weekend in democrat run Chicago… gun free Chicago


No motivation for the vegas shooter was ever discovered, he was certainly not identified as a “left wing activist”.

More importantly it occurred over a year ago so again, please cite your source for the claim country music has been responsible for more than 100 dead in the last year.


According to one eyewitness he was heading for the cash register.


I didn’t say over 100… lol
And yes why hasn’t the left wing run fbi released the motive in Las Vegas?
And I’m saying I hope they release this guys motives… which they probably won’t.

Eyewitnesses now says the man was dark skin … could be Muslim…

Honestly you really think they was a robbery at a college bar!?


I think instead of making things up as I go along to fit my own political bent I’ll wait for the evidence and examine it before coming to any conclusions.

The LV shooting was investigated by a half dozen state, local, and federal agencies and none of them could determine any political bent behind the event.

What was discovered was that he was scouting other concert venues around the country and certainly not limited to Country Music or any poltical bias.

Facts are uncomfortable things to blind partisans with an obvious agenda and that will probabl prove to be true again here.


and you think the guy came to rob the place. I don’t have anything further to say.


The vast majority of the shootings in Chicago are directly related to gangs and the drug trade, and are not mass shootings. As such they are not the least bit shocking, and being common barely newsworthy at all.

Mass shootings with no apparant motive will always be shocking and national news.


I gave no opinion as to motive, learn to read or quit misprepresenting what I have written.

What I did state were the facts as resported by eye witnesses.


And thank you, did someone see a ufo to? Lol


Troll someone else, you aren’t the least bit entertaining and I’m done feeding your childlike need for attention.