12 killed at a college Country Bar! Angry liberal?


What we did find out was that he was a nut, depression and PTSD, numerous contacts with police and while evaluated for his mental issues was not forcibly committed.

What we also found out was that he was a regular at the same bar.

Another case where known nut with mental issues slipped through the cracks in the system and was able therefore to legally purchase a gun.

Apparently he just snapped and decided to go out in a “blaze of glory” at the same bar he frequented and no doubt got turned down a lot.

No political motivation whatsoever to the shooting is being reported.


Assigning a political motivation with zero evidence and blabbing it on the net isn’t “trying to understand” anything.


Which was apparently the case. No politics or political motivation needed.


Glad you got the full report before the fbi lol


Try paying attention to the news. It can be enlightening.


There’s a lot of truth in this. Where population density is low people can get away from one another. The more agitated you become the more likely you are to “snap” the more crowded it is, the more agitated people become because they can’t get away by themselves and cool down between agitations.

Take someone like this guy who had mental problems and it’s a really bad mix.


Wtf??? Huh! …


confused liberal? It’s ok. There’s a cure.


I’m a liberal? Lol omg noooo I Hope not ha


I guess I was thrown off by your ridiculous speculation that an angry liberal was at fault just because it happened at a country bar. That’s the type of brain dead, dumbass thinking that I would expect from the caricature “liberal” that you think exists.


That’s cool you have a low iq… it happens


Found the Rick and Morty fan.


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this thread was on rails?

Does a gun owning marine sound like a liberal to you? Which version of liberal are you using? The squishy, crunchy liberal that just wants free handouts and never works, or the violent, motivated and energized liberal that’s a physical threat to democracy?

Either way they’re not big on guns.


I stand by my statement


That you made a retarded thread? Sounds about right.


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Many of the incidents are in highly populated urban, suburban areas.

Th media ignores this factor in their biased reporting follows by more gun control.


One of the mothers said all she wants to see is gun control… the bitch wants to repeal our bill of rights! Take her to Chicago


Yeah, god forbid she have an emotional reaction after her child is murdered.