20 immigrant workers at Macomb County plant fired over protest


Only in America- could you move here illegally, complain about our immigration laws, take off from work to protest the “unfairness” of not being able to just do what you want and then sue when wherever you were working fires you for not coming to work.


I suspect the company backed down when they realized that they would also face legal liability for knowingly hiring illegal aliens.

There is a way to fix this though. The company should be fined and the illegals should be deported. Problem solved.


Welcome to the real world where if you don’t show up for work you are fired. I’ve never had a job yet that would let me take time off to protest a country that gives the ingrates everything. Deport every one of them and their families. They are what’s wrong with America.


They weren’t for participating in a protest. They were fired for not showing up for work. I do agree with @NoSleep the company that employed then should be taken to the woodshed by ICE attorneys.


These immigrants wish to turn our great republic into the same failed socialist dictatorships they crawled out of.


We are either a country or we are not a country. If we are a country we should be able to control who comes in or out of our country. I am not anti-immigrant… but we as a nation should be able to control of our borders. If we have no control of our borders, then we are not a country



Too much of one thing makes it more difficult for America to integrate that given immigrant group into our American way of life and most importantly understand our beginnings and our bill of rights.


I bet they know they hired illegals now.


Because of illegal immigration and irreversible corruption and lack of courage by cops to do what’s right, civil war is inevitable in the US. All the parasites in positions of power who believe they are above the law and think they are untouchable will be sent to hell.


Deportation is based on 1) illegal status and 2) criminal record. No sympathy, no handouts, no second chances. We enforce immigration to survive, not as a convenience. So the Illegals and their comrade leftists can stand in the street, hold signs, and get run over by buses for all I care.

These idiots thought it was a smart move to not show up to work so they can protest over things they have no say I’ve because they aren’t supposed to be here to begin with.


I don’t see a lack of courage but a lack of support from people and politicians along with the threat of our broken court system.