200 Blacks Go on a Violent Rampage at a Beach in Melbourne, Australia


Anyone noticing a pattern? Anywhere that blacks tend to congregate together ends up turning into a violent and depraved shithole. Look at black neighborhoods here in America. Look at all of central and southern Africa, look at Italy, now look at Australia.This is what forced diversity and inclusion gets you.


Imagine being a white tourist in Melbourne, Australia looking forward to a relaxing day on the beach with other like-minded whites and getting the shit kicked out of you by a bunch of feral blacks who then rob you.

Racism is taught. These “youths” give free lessons.


They learn at an early age to take what they want !


This is what happens when modern civilized countries start importing people from failed states.


I love how the police are asking for these uncontrollable maniacs to willfully report themselves to the police. There’s enough video evidence out there for the police to actually do their job instead of sitting around and waiting for these violent dirtbag to show up and turn themselves in.