2018 Media Gridiron Dinner


He told the media elites he and The New York Times are both New York City icons — “the only difference is I still own my buildings.” :joy::joy::rofl::rofl:

Wrapping up his speech, Trump joked that he had to be “up early” to watch “Fox and Friends,” but that the night was “one of the best times I can ever remember having with the media.”

"This might be the best night I’ve had since watching your faces on election night,"


I’m sure that most of the journalists who were there went home feeling defeated, just as they do every night since the election.


Was there anything available.for the.press to take for heartburn??? You have to be able to take.what you dish out which the.press fails to.do.
They can’t handle.a.President that’s Refreshingly Honest.They only want a.President that 'll Kiss their Ass.


Well let’s see if he has the balls to attend the White House correspondence dinner when cameras will be rolling, or whether the chicken shit hides out, AGAIN.



He should skip, the fake news types hate it when they’re not the center of attention.


We’ll see. He lacked the back bone to show up last year.


Who cares about a dinner attended by scribes. Probably the same type who still watch the oscar’s.


Apparently Trump does, IF THE CAMERAS ARENT ROLLING, as he showed up to the Gridiron


Chickens out again?.. First of all, he has no requirement to attend… hell he has no requirement to provide facilities for the press. When the dinner itself is meant to be a respectful roasting, that is one thing but when it is filled with hate driven reporters who want nothing more out of the evening than to put a notch on their belt, that is quite another.

P.S… Who to F*ck is ‘Splinter’? and more to the point who is David Boddiger


I guess you haven’t realized that Trump has more face time on camera than any human on the planet. I guess he really needs to show up for a reporters supper.


He can’t stand the heat. But maybe we’ll get lucky and he’ll think he did good at the Gridiron and therefore make the WHCD.


Can’t stand the heat? Surely you jest monte.


Some times Monty does say some things that actually draw a chuckle… sometimes.


Monte thinks it’s important to attend a supper attended by little people who scribble down things that other people do.


President Trump doesn’t care about what the reporters think of him . He cares about getting things done despite resistance from both parties. He has warned Republicans about election consequences if sit on their Ass and do NOTHING.
Despite the Leftist Press, by having him on TV, he gets his message out .He goes directly to the voters so there isn’t any miss-reporting by the Leftist Media.
His snubbing them burns their ass to no end.The media hates that he has the support of the working class and not of the Brie and Chablis country club crowd .


No I don’t, I think it’s important to point out that the fat ass TIC is a chicken shit who can’t laugh at himself. :joy::joy::joy::joy:


Oh quite the contrary, it’s what made him chicken out on his first WHCD.


First of all, he’s not snubbing them, he’s scared of the heat. And secondly, they could care less if he’s there or not. They continue on just fine absent him.


As did he no doubt… It amazes me the incite you have… almost as if you were a friend of the family… but thinking about it, I doubt he would give you much time… no, more likely you are just a bitter hate filled individual with no one to call a friend… Your not just independent, you are isolated and it is eating you up. No you will no doubt come back and tell me that ‘You don’t know me’ and you would be right… but I have as many indicators of who you really are as you do about Trump…