2018 Media Gridiron Dinner


Monte, I’m not a hate filled person.I treat everyone the way I would want to be treated. Unfortunately, there are the 10% you can’t reach.
I am independent to a point. I’m not rich by any means but have it better than some.
It would be an honor to be a Friend of the Family of President Trump,but I would Gladly settle to meet him for one hour.
Some things I post is to stimulate intelligent debate without personal insults which I haven’t done to you Monte. Some are to show that I have a sense of humor and intelligence.
You and I have different views which I accept but I’m not bitter or personally attack anyone here.


I can go with that…


91% of main street media reports about Trump during February were negative.

Why bother.


Indeed you have not, myself and the moderator no doubt appreciate that.


THANK You, I appreciate that !!!