239 Migrants Killed in Two Shipwrecks Off the Libyan Coast


Next time you see someone saying “refugees welcome” remind them they caused this. The blood is on their hands.

When will the heartless left finally create safe zones in Syria and end the instability in Africa? Why must they lead hundreds to their death?



the self righteous indignation is fitting.

even if it does nothing to actually help anybody.


This is exactly what open borders gets you. Millions of people overloading life rafts to go to the cucked EU welfare state. Liberals did cause this mess and will never admit to it.


The righteous indignation is all yours. I’m not the one spreading the mantra of open borders and forced multiculturalism. Why aren’t the minions of the globalists out there guiding them to safety? They want these people to forcibly spread through Europe for “multicultural” purposes, but they stand by and let them die after telling them to show up for all of the free handouts.


you are telling stories again.


Britain is taking Syrian refugees but the refuse to take them from Europe proper… only through refugee camps in the countries surrounding Syria… The UK provides no incentive to make this dangerous trip… it provides no incentive to pay the traffickers who put these people in danger and the UK provides no incentive that puts direct pressure on the southern European countries… Unlike irresponsible Germany…


So sick of these sad sad pictures. The people who want all this
FORCED DIVERSITY need to stop being hypocrites. if you’re promoting all this migration then stand on the shore and take them in. Or swim out and rescue them when their raft sinks. But stop printing these ridiculous pictures and waiting to shame someone else into taking care of a problem you created.


Scott, I agree with Britain’s approach. But I also agree with the US approach just want more coming in.

the guilt is getting to the rest of you all.


It should.

Because we are not doing near enough and you’re the ones who has blood on your hands.


Well see Steve… and I have said this before… The American people are quite generous and compassionate but when you have a president and Sec of State that are running a scam in the name of ‘diversity’, then you start creating some rather jaded people.

If our dear president hadn’t decided that imigration reform meant opening our southern border to every jesus, Raul and Maria it think people would be much more understanding.

No one is fooled by this sudden mass movement of people on 4 continents… no one is fooled by what fueled the Arab Spring and no one is ignoring the will of this president to tell the congress, the courts, and most of all the people of the US that immigration ‘law’ is what HE says it is

And better than half the people in this country know that the other half is trying to elect the very person who blew up the middle east including the blood of both Syrians and Libyans…

No one is fooled that the likes of Angela Merkel was front and center in this attempt to cram cultures together and to force the people who work hard to build ‘their’ culture and society to have a ‘leader’ decide to force them to change rather than the immigrants…

People get jaded when they are treated bad… a good halve dozen countries in Europe are waiting in the wings to have their own referendum to reinstitute border controls all because Merkel decided to unilaterally break the European way of life and the EC decided that the ‘trading block’ needed a … firmer hand…

Don’t blame people for getting tired of the BS that is being foisted on them and then someone tries to make them feel guilty… Eventually they WILL raise the middle finger…:middle_finger:


There we go. Another liberal pushing the moral imperative angle. I think @Ian made a good point in your exchange on citizenship the other day. This argument puts the citizen in second place to the foreigner.

We have over 50k homeless veterans in the United States and 22 veterans commit suicide per day. Where are the liberals screaming about helping them? Why do we have to act on the moral imperative pushed by liberals to save these refugees yet our own citizen veterans are in need of help right here.

Let these refugees go to countries like Saudi Arabia, Qatar, UAE, and Kuwait that not only have the resources but share a similar perverted religion. Fuck these people. Until every veteran is taken care of we shouldn’t do a damn thing, especially when oil rich Arab countries aren’t carrying their weight to help their own - but you know why that is. They don’t want them and the problems they bring.


I blame the people for SPREADING THE BS!

the Middle East is fighting against terrorism more united than I have ever seen it. some think if we just kept it quiet we could ignore the problem. problem with that thinking is ignoring the problem doesn’t make it go away it makes it worse when it does blow up.

well that is funny because no one ever said that except those telling stories.

We like to think we are but we always need to be guilted into action.


You’re saying the US approach is wanting more coming in?


Great facts. Both you and Scott. Veterans should get first choice at our social service resources. And we should ask why there are SO MANY RECENT VETRANS anyway? As was mentioned in prior posts, HILLARYS “take 'em over” policy has created these young VETRANS


Hi Annie,

I am saying I support the US approach but wish we would bring more Syrians here.

The US has a “Special Syrian Process” I probably got the title wrong but if you google you will see it, I have posted it here previously (I’ll find it again if you want its kind of becoming common knowlegde in this topic its been on 60 Minutes) whereby Syrians go thru an intense vetting process we only take those who can prove identity and pass our checks taking up to 18-24 months.

Not a single Syrian that has completed this check has caused any problems.

They are women, children, and families and all they want is to have a future because theirs has been ripped out from under them.

We all have endured some kind of hardship in life but few have experienced what these people have.

The “number” we would accept was initially set at 10,000. now it is “at least 10,000”

we should not feel compelled to take in millions but certainly 10,000 is nothing. We need to belly up and do our part and Our President is doing it.

the PEOPLE are not.


Well so do I and a good lot of it seems to be coming from our most transparent administration ever…

Many of them fiefdoms that are in the position of fighting or loosing their gig… The middle east didn’t blow up by accident and we all know that ‘spreading democracy’ is a large part of the problem. Democrats long talk about reducing our military spending but they are none to shy about sticking our nose into the rest of the worlds business and when it blows back they blame their republican compadres the Trotsky neocons…

Of course they didn’t… they spewed platitudes about ‘Hope and Change’ . Listen, the problem with illegals in the US was solved with the amnesty that occurred in 1986. That amnesty gave residency to some 3 million but its enforcement provisions were ignored… no the problem is what… 11 million… 20 million… More? This president touts that he has made more apprehensions than ever before… problem is he just keeps catching the same people over and over again while those who keep their heads down continue to come. When Trump said that Mexico was sending its worst, he wasn’t lying… they printed brochures !!! Mean while border agents are saying that we now have another flood before the election… they are fearful that easy street is about to end…


As private citizens we donate more per capita than any other nation on the planet… Of course that fact would escape some segments of society because they expect the government to do it.


@SteveSPHR why don’t you just show your true colors. The only reason liberals want to bring as many Syrians to the United States as possible is because of votes.

Washington leftists are hellbent on fundamentally transforming America simply because Muslims in America overwhelmingly support Democrats. The more of them this evil and corrupt political party ships in, the more votes they can count on. It’s disgusting.

The GOP establishment is even more disgusting since they are terrified of getting hit with the “Islamophobia” smear just as much as the “racist” smear - so they keep their mouths shut.

Admit it, all your side cares about is votes. You don’t give a shit about these people and neither does anyone else.


that is quite a convoluted theory there.

no it wasn’t. immigration like health care doesn’t get “solved” it gets managed. and it is a journey not a destination.

that is a real deflection. we donate to causes WE WANT and those are NOT the ones we NEED to help. Giving money to your church or the United Way does nothing to help people around the world who are dying.

We are a selfish bunch only wanting to help those close to US. We should be speaking up to allow more vetted Syrians here.

this has nothing to do with your vain attempt to trot out the tired articles “proving” Republcans are so benevolent. that is baloney!


As others have said, why should we help these people when we have so many homeless veterans in need of assistance. We also have many hungry children that go to dilapidated schools on broken down roads - and you want to help a bunch of third worlders. Why not go to them, and help to improve their part of the world instead of being them here to drain our resources and clash with our culture.


Nothing convoluted at all about the origins of the neocon and as I have said before… dems have been at the helm in every war right up to the gulf war and they haven’t been any to shy since.

Not if you have secure borders and a president that actually enforces the law instead of finding loop holes to exploit.

Americans are not the benefactor to the world… give up your own paycheck if you feel so strongly… We allow more migrants here than any other country in the world… and those are the legal ones… quit playing games over our immigration laws so you can ‘change the color’ of the country and you will find more compassion elsewhere… No baloney about it… conservatives tend to get involved much more than busy little liberals…


are we so limited we cannot help more than one group at a time?

if you see someone in an accident or needing help do you walk by because you might have a ill family member?


when we see someone who needs help (if we can without hurting our own selves) we are obligated to thelp them as people and certainly under any legitimate religion.

not doing so makes us something I would never be very proud of.