239 Migrants Killed in Two Shipwrecks Off the Libyan Coast


you will never find a solution that way. walls are a failed strategy only deluding those inside. solving nothing in fact costing more than they return. providing false security.

I donate to the charities meaningful to me, and I work on causes important to me. This is one cause the organization I support finds very important and why we are working hard to stop the terror the GOP is enforcing on good hard working families by tearing them apart.

You realize your response here just proved my point about how selfish we are right?

No…America IS a benevolent nation even if some of our people are selfish and pious.

We believe in the sanctity of the FAMILY whatever it is we don’t just pretend …we mean it.

We have an obligation our fellow brother and sister. We don’t just say it.
And we will get immigration reform done. We act to help improve life not build walls that separate physically and intellectually.

Because no one wins when a wall is between them.


Hell Steve… if you think that Syrians are the only suffering people on this planet, you have to narrow of a focus… I’m thinking their are a lot of oppressed people in Tibet that need your help Steve… Hell, their are some 27 million slaves in the world today… more than at the height of the African Slave Trade. Darfur has been a genocidal killing field for over a decade… we could go on but the point is, we can’t save everyone…


is that what you saw me say? that kind of misrepresentation is very disappointing when you do that Scott.

please stop misrepresenting what I said.

we can and should save who we can. when we can.

making excuses wont take the guilt away. nor should it.


America has done so much privately and through government foreign aid that we have created a population explosion and a heath epidemic all around the third world… don’t say we haven’t made our ‘generosity’ available…


The people of America hide behind the work we have done instead of working on what we are going to do.

And we feel guilty about that so we make sure everyone knows …we would like to help but lookat at what we have DONE!

yet the guilt continues like a Edgar Alan Poe novel. We are haunted by the pictures.

Clearly we do do a LOT of good throughout the world but little of it is done by our own people here. Here we hear variations of “keep Muslims OUT”

and the old stand by…“why should we help everyone else when we have (fill in the blank) right here at home that need help???”

all excuses.


Do you think that generosity stopped last century… last decade… last night !!! Please… Sometime the self-righteousness of the left is mind-boggling. The broad brush terms to make yourself feel worthy frankly sounds desperate. Mexico sends its rapists… so lets stop rapists… that translates to “The right hate all Mexicans”… Secure our border means “Isolationist”… Fix our Immigration system to bring in people we desire… equal Xenophobe… You guys really need to get over yourself… join the peace corp… adopt a Syrian…


• Allow all undocumented aliens who have paid all taxes owed, have jobs, families, clean records to paya FINE and go to the back of the line for Citizenship.

• Use this FINE money to improve security along the border both physical barriers, cameras, drones, and hiring more Border Patrol Agents.

• Continue to follow the other aspects of current law processing and deporting illegals who do not qualify.

More or less (there is more but you get the idea) this is what the Gang of 8 Bill says. Among other things.

It pays for itself and adds security and more Agents.

Who in their right mind would have a problem with ANY of this???

and you call me self righteous?



Welcome to Paris


So, what you are really saying here is that it’s better to destroy our country and genocide our own people…than say no to immigration.

I bet you live in a wealthy suburb with little to no minorities. Am I right?


It does look as if the have well… shifted some of the demographics for Black and Hispanic population to other states… but they are diverse in that the have more higher income Asians.


Hi Ashley,
if it were not for the sensational posts of yours my day would be like dinner without seasoning.

As far as my lifestyle I am very grateful. I was adopted (for some reason) and raised in a trailer but always felt loved. I was the first in my family to graduate college made possible by scholarships, and PELL Grants given to low income students.

I worked menial office jobs but positioned myself in the right place at the right time and became involved in 2 business start-ups as their VP. First one failed second one went public.

You are right, my neighborhood is nice I am not rich but i really dont want for anything, and now that you mention it there are very few minorities. There is a couple nice Asian families, my wife is Asian, and my neighbor is a Republican, so that’s about it.

I have earned everything I have and I am very grateful, I even feel guilty sometimes, although I don’t think I have reason to, it does bother me that so many people are being left behind in education due to their circumstances and it is not their fault. That is why I support looking at Charter Schools, and College Tuition reform.

I am proud to be a Compassionate Liberal.


This entire migrant situation is going to backfire on the left. All it does is provide the fuel necessary to ignite the fire of the extreme right. Once that fire is lit, it will burn everything in its path before going out on its own. The migrants should head back before it’s too late.


the extreme right doesn’t need any reason they make one up no…bigotry and hatred will never be given in to affect the appeasement of a bully we will continue to stomp out such hate and ignorance until it is vanquished from this earth.

I suggest those people leave now because they can run but never hide from justice.

this is a nation where everyone is entitled to protection under the 14th Amendment not only a select few.

and that is a great thing!


I respect the fact that you are willing to express your views and stand by them, but honestly you have no idea what the hell is going on out there.

Do you think a massive percentage of the US population is just going to roll over if Trump loses? You progressive bullies have pushed around decent hardworking people for way too long.

At this point, if she wins I am hoping that things go full collapse just because progressive weaklings won’t have the backbone or determination to do a damn thing about it. It’s a good thing that half of the progressive perverts and freaks out there have brightly colored hair and hide in clearly marked safe spaces - we wouldn’t want them blending in with the Patriots now would we. If you bullies want a fight, you’ve got one coming to you.


I respect the fact that you also express your views in a smart way showing you take time to learn the issues but we simply cannot and will not let this nation devolve into anarchy.

you need a good helping of home made pot roast or something to put you in the right frame of mind for Wednesday.

Just give President Clinton the Supreme Court Justice(s) she wants and we will take care of everything.

What is Mom’s specialty? Maybe you better have 2 helpings!



Great points @SteveSPHR but when you think about it the American people win either way.

If Trump wins we will have peace and prosperity.

If Hillary gets in we will have lots of free benefits so we can stop working and suck off the system, we will have lots of wars abroad which will make for some entertaining news, and there will be constant civil unrest that everyone can participate in. Talk about not leaving anyone out!

Either way - it’s a win for America :wink: