2975 deaths in Puerto Rico worst disaster in 100 years


The 2975 deaths which U.S.citizens in Puerto Rico suffered from Hurricane Maria last year, is the worst disaster America has suffered in 100 years.When one realizes that it has taken almost a year to finally come up with the death total it shows how bad the devastation really was.Yet our president in his visit there downplayed it, saying it paled in comparison to Katrina, as he quoted a death toll of 16??


Disgusting culture! Lazy, overpopulated, welfare infested, needy, people. My sisters are Puerto Rican


Yea that didn’t age well


Puerto Rico is a disaster. No argument from me there. But President Trump does not own the years of corruption and infrastructure neglect that the Puerto Ricans inficted on themselves. If you have been following this story closely you would know that the US state taxpayers have paid Puerto Rico to upgrade their infrastructure on more than one occasion, but the Puerto Ricans chose to start projects and not finish them or divert the money to other areas. We can’t fix stupid. Now, they need a new power grid and they will probably get it at our expense.


Look at CNN trying to compare a coordinated terrorist attack with a natural disaster! No wonder they are called fake news!


Puerto Rico Gov. Ricardo Rossello said Friday that the Trump administration has been responsive to his requests for aid after being hit by two hurricanes this month, amid ongoing charges that President Trump hasn’t responded quickly enough.

“I have to say that the administration has responded to our petitions. FEMA, Brock Long, has been on the phone virtually all the time with me, checking out how things are going,” said Rossello, leader of the New Progressive Party.


We sent 140 Helicopters , 28 Ships, 6 Army Field Hospitals, 3 Navy Seabee Battalions, 5 US Army Combat Engineer Battalions, 3 Civil Affairs battalions, FEMA reported distributing and setting up more than 300 emergency generators , 300,000 Tons of Food, Medical supplies and Water , and a $36.5 billion aid package.

May 2017, with a debt of $123 billion debt owed by the Puerto Rican government and its corporations, the FCR requested the "immediate" nomination of a federal judge to "decide how to deal with" the "largest bankruptcy case in the history of the American public bond market . The average state in the United States has a debt-to-GDP ratio around 17%. For Puerto Rico, its debt stands at nearly 70% of its GDP.
Puerto Rico receives federal assistance, but most of its residents do NOT pay federal personal income tax.


Katrina cost, 161 billion.
Maria, 95 billion.

Katrina costs inflation adjusted over 200 billion today.

And you blame Trump for Puerto Ricos inability to count their dead.



Exactly how much money did you donate to the recovery?

Exactly how much time have you given to the recovery?


When your roads are blocked by downed trees and buildings, and you have no electricity or communications or bridges crossing wide streams or rivers in a very mountainous island it was extremely difficult to distribute aid let alone count the dead or dying bodies.


Ready to fess up yet???


Day after trump says he did a good job on Puerto Rico, the world media gangs up on him. Hard to find a country that isnt seeing this headline


If they get another hurricane strike this year they will be totally devastated because of the piss poor patchwork repairs.


Or because they didn’t do what they were supposed to do with their grid for decades.


We should aggressively prosecute the Puerrto Rican pols who have been stealing/hoarding the aid sent there, for starters.


Shouldn’t have stolen the island from Spain to begin with.


He maintained all along that 64 people died. That after bragging before hand that only 16 had died. Now we have the real number, and of course the fm won’t acknowledge it.


Exactly why should the Federal Government pay for repairing the generally private infrastructure on the island???


International media is having a field day with this one, portraying trump as a Hypocrit whenever possible. I hear in french the “trump not smart enough to understand the difference between 16 and 4000” line. That or suggesting Trump really did do a good job as his he far surpassed his kill target of 2500 lesser Americans.

If you think american liberal media is bad, the international coverage of trump makes cnn looks like trump supporters. Righr next door, the Toronto star has a false claim counter on trump saying 2436 false claims in his presidency (4.6 per day). Then says they are false claims because " we can’t be sure that each and every one was intentional. In some cases, he may have been confused or ignorant."


They are too busy repaying debt to spend on infrastructure.