2975 deaths in Puerto Rico worst disaster in 100 years


When will the fake news start blaming the corrupt Puerto Rican DEMOCRATS whose incompetence and corruption are the primary contributing factors in these deaths?


Democrats can’t blame brown people that vote democrat lol that would be suicide


Today Dirty Donald is citing Puerto Rican hurricane relief as one f the greatest relief efforts in American history??Does this piss poor excuse for a human being live in the same universe we all do??It was and is the highest death toll in a hurricane in over 100 years and equals 9-11 for American lives lost.Some Puerto Ricans still haven’t had their electric power restored.


The Governor of Puerto Rico praised President Trump for the US response.

The corrupt Mayor in Puerto Rico complained about the response as she stood in front of a dock wharf full of food in shipping containers.

The truck drivers in Puerto Rico were on strike and would not allow non-union volunteers to deliver the food.

The Puerto Rico power grid was broken down and useless before the first storm hit.

Puerto Rico screwed itself.


He shares his with a few others. A success he calls it. It eliminated another 3,000 people of color…


Incompetent, corrupt government.


That’s beyond the pale even for you Monte. The people of PR have operated on a patronage/corruption/payoff system for centuries (a lingering relic of the Spaniards). All of their infrastructure is decaying because the populace is unwilling to do anything for themselves. But of course it’s Trump’s fault.

Trump has innumerable faults, trying to pin this on him when the evidence is overwhelming that it is PR’s own doing - makes you look like a tired DNC hack As to your assertion that he ‘eliminated’ ‘people f color’ - kind of shows why you’re so eager to see Mexico take over the Southwest.


Wrong again, boy! The HURRICANES eliminated thousands of people. The relief was meant to help the survivors. You sound as if Trump caused the hurricanes and subsequent deaths.

Fuck you, boy!

Here is a quote from a previous post:


And they contracted the entire electrical rebuild to a two person company from WHITEFISH,Montana home of Ryan Zinke of the Dirty Donald administration???Coincidence,I THINK NOT!!


That has nothing to do with the massive aid sent. Puerto Rico has a privately owned power system.

Whether a company is owned by two people or two million stock holders has little to do with its ability.

Speak to all the other aid sent.

What happened to the 300,000 tons of food, medical supplies and water?


Why are we wasting our money in the corrupt cesspool? Enough


Nope, it’s not Trumps fault that a hurricane did so much damage to PR. The federal government’s response was adequate by most accounts, lacking by many. But the problem with Trump today was his damn braggadocious and hyperbolic bs again about the biggest storm to ever hit, the best response that anyone’s ever performed, and a complete success. Not a word of the 3,000 lives lost. The whole thing smacked of a conceited and calloused commentary by him to a whole lot of people…


He’s under investigation for corruption…


He did not cause the 3000 or so deaths. He did not cause a single one of them. He did not know there were that many deaths until recently when the figures were updated.

The response of the US in regard to aid did not depend on the number of deaths. The response was appropriate.

What else should he have done?

The problems regarding Puerto Rico’s recovery are exacerbated by the corruption within the government of Puerto Rico.


Pruitt was forced out under the weight of 18 federal investigations into his corruption. Zinke’s got 14 bearing down on him. Hopefully he’s next. Swamp rats. Drain the swamp…


Obama used the DOJ to surveil a political opponent.


Police respond to mass shooting threat at MAGA event planned today at Trump hotel

Police say: “The threat was made by an anonymous Democratic Socialists supporter, a far-left political group.”


But but but Donald said he’s proud of his admins response. Isn’t that good enough?! :wink:


Puerto Rico’s problems with corruption etc. falls on the Governor’s shoulders ( whoever’s Governor at the time) . This is typical of the way most but not all of the Spics are. Unfortunately for 40 years I’ve seen them move into a good blue collar neighborhood and ruin it with trash everywhere, cars for each person and breed like mice.When you try to talk intelligently to them, they become arrogant and want to retaliate. Luckily I finally moved away.
We would be better off if PR became an independent country so we could cut off or reduce money to them . The truckers union should have the common sense to call a temporary halt to the strike and delivered food, water etc… But common sense isn’t in the PR vocabulary. No, I’m not racist!!!
If anyone thinks I am, check out Reading Pa. approx 65% of the population is "Hispanic " and the crime is caused by PRs, Dominicans and Mexicans living in the same neighborhoods .


What Puerto Ricans did to Boston in the 70’s 80’s 90’s destroyed American culture here. American culture moved out because the mayor wouldn’t back the greatest culture in the world