2975 deaths in Puerto Rico worst disaster in 100 years


Ok Freedom, it’s an American territory and FEMA isn’t allowed to respond according to the neighborhood. We have right now a president that responded to a disaster on American soil with the same mindset as you’re displaying. This morning Trump is still denying the official death toll numbers. :roll_eyes:


Does the 2975 deaths include cats and dogs?..:thinking:


That is little more than a racist comment… and here I thought you were pure as the driven snow…


6,000 were killed in the small
City of Chicago under Obama’s watch and you cheer obama


It is meant as an expression of Trump based upon the many many comments that he’s made and continues to make of a racist nature. Not my feelings, as I see them as fellow Americans who deserve equal protections, and not the red headed step child treatment that this president continues to give them.


Care to quote some of those 'racist comments and back up the fact that his actions were not only responsible for these deaths but actions taken deliberately to that end?


Scott, from the day that man walked out of the elevator to announce his candidacy with the declaration that Mexico doesn’t send their best and brightest but a lot of rapists and murderers, to his refusal yesterday to even acknowledge that 3,000 Puerto Rican’s died as a result of Maria, and enumerable statements and tweets in between, his racist bigotry is on his sleeve. And most Americans see this.

I don’t know what you mean by your other comment.


The number of death study was outsourced by PR to George Washington Uni. So yes, just an arbitrary number.


Puerto Ricans are so lazy they can’t even count their dead.


To be fair, estimating death from a disaster is a tough task. There’s the indirect deaths (i.e. someone getting physically swept away by the force), and theres the indirect death (dehydration). And what do they do, in cases of the homeless, the terminally ill (for example, a hospital lost power amid the hurricane, and the patients that are reliant on, say a dialysis machines, to survive). Is it on the hospital for not having back-up powers?

As you see, it gets complicated quick. It doesnt lessen the fact that they outsource the task to a leftest of left university in Washing DC, and wield the number as a club against Trump when the Puerto Rican government even failed to distribute bottled water to their citizens.


Reminds me of the TexasBushwackers comment after Katrina,“Your doing a great job Browny”.Only to have to eat those words as the chaos and deaths in New Orleans grew.


Yeah, but at least he ate them, Trump will never eat his words. In fact, he’s NEVER been wrong. Every hurricane that happens on his watch will be the biggest and worst hurricane in 100 years, and all of his administrations responses will be the best responses in American history.


They didn’t die in the hurricane… that’s a fact


The number of deaths, regardless of its arbitrary value, has nothing to do with President Trump’s response.

Any deaths that occurred after the hurricanes can be attributed to the corruptness of the governments of Puerto Rico (including that goddamned idiot Mayor of San Juan), the striking truck drivers, the inadequate privately owned power system and lazy fucking Puerto Rico residents.

To have a goddamned liberal American ‘college’ guess at the number of hurricane related deaths by ‘studying’ the mortality rates before and after the hurricane is dubious at best.

President Trump would still be wise to shut the fuck up about this politically driven criticism and go on with business as usual.


As in Puerto Rico, the local governments bear more blame for the aftermath than does the federal side. Louisiana delayed in asking for help.

The stupid local government didn’t heed the warnings and failed to utilize hundreds, if not thousands of school buses to get the residents out of the flood plains. The inadequate flood walls failed.

What do you think Bush could have done to prevent ANY of those problems?

Hindsight is always 20-10. We can always finagle the facts to blame the President for any and all happenings. There are enough useful idiots available to promote just about any story that is ever put out.


First of all, lets get this straight… Mexicans are no more a race than are Lithuanians so ‘racist’ is totally improper. Secondly, his original statement made it clear that MEXICO (a country) was not sending its best and brightest. Lets not forget that it was the Mexican government that printed and passed out leaflets on how to safely (and illegally) enter the US. Sounds like a government program to either rid its country of its less desirable actors or people who would extract wealth from the US for the benefit of Mexico. You might care not to admit that a sizable portion of people who enter the US without benefit of interview are indeed criminals or social degenerates. P.S… he also said in the same sentence that he ‘assumed that some of them were good people’… a true ‘racist’ wouldn’t allow that bit to cross his lips.

As far as that pole goes, if you enter a search saying ‘Washington Post says Trump is a racist’, you can see a lot of articles telling the public just how racist he is and dozens more feeder articles by the likes of HuffPo that call out the ‘evidence’ put forth by the Washington Post… what I would like to see is some real evidence that his policies are racially motivated. I see a lot of policies that are pointed at people and groups from other countries that do not do America (He is the President of the United States after all) any favors. I would like to know what policies his has put in place that 1) That specifically make the lives of a racial group harder and 2) any policies that are specifically designed to target a racial group. Humm? Yeah… we were talking about how you learn so much from your Google searches… perhaps we need to revisit how much your thoughts are formulated by Jeff Bozos… clear hatred for Trump as reflected in damn near every article that his paper publishes.

As far as Puerto Rican death toll, while he is president of the US, he is not the official numbers keeper of PR and it was they who released the numbers and not FEMA. If you will note the first sentence in this Snopes article (I have using them as a source but because the first line makes it clear who is responsible for that estimate, I will use it).

As a matter of fact, you don’t even need to open the article… it states it clearly in your display…


Nope, and as I proved, the majority of Americans view the president and his nasty remarks towards people of color as racist.


And again, 57% of Americans consider the president to be racist and are offended by his bigoted comments when speaking of people of color. Damn, you guys love your racism and hate the moniker, all at the same time.


You reject everything I support with Snopes and then quote them when you find a title worded as you like. :roll_eyes:.

So if the president is just going with what PR says, they’ve amended the death toll to 3,000 and Trump will have none of it…:wink:


Trump hates people of color and disrespects them regularly.