2975 deaths in Puerto Rico worst disaster in 100 years


From ‘birtherism’ to ‘deep state,’ Puerto Rico death toll joins Trump’s conspiracy theory list.


You are making up your own ‘facts’.


That’s what happens when you sit back and wait for others to do what everyone there should have been doing . Is it any wonder over 40% are on welfare ? :roll_eyes:


Problem is… as a white guy, any criticism of … anyone is racist, sexist etc… thin skins and a victim mentality created by a democratic dependency machine…


Trump wants people to immigrate from Sweden, about the whitest people on the planet, we all remember his racist rant on countries where people of color have migrated to the US from…


No, being white isn’t the problem, feeling superior because of it is however.


Are we not superior ? What Race doesn’t think they are superior? Just you weak white liberals?


Isn’t the whole point of promoting different cultures in America a Superior way of thinking?



Again… Racist… Muslim isn’t racist and he never said anything about banning all Muslims… Has he ever said anything about blocking any group of people?.. well, except for those that seem to have a lot of trouble controlling themselves I mean. Protecting the country from undesirables… you know we have a visa wavier program with ‘certain’ countries for a reason…


Submit you whitie cracker bastard you…


No, and those aren’t things he’s been accused of largely. It’s his racist comments and his lack of respect for people of color. And this may be lost on you, but not on most Americans, as I’ve already demonstrated.


8 people died during the hurricane lol


Like I said… and you can see it anywhere all across America… no white person dare criticize the actions, behavior, attitude or life style of anyone not white and male without being ridiculed… And yes he has been called a racist for his comments about Mexicans and he has been called racist for talking about ‘Islamic Terrorism’ and the has been called racist for calling out professional football players for disrespecting the flag( some of them were even white)… your digging an ideologically blind hole Monte, you should quite while you are ahead. Just because the media has managed to change the definition of racism and broad brush Trump and Trump supporters with it don’t make it so … and just because you eat up the pablum and can’t really name any real racist incidents but continue to regurgitate the same old bs, don’t give you any credibility.


The death toll from Florence has been reported recently as being 3.

George Washington University will do a study that proves it is actually 300.


8 pple died in the hurricane


Well that’s just hyperbole. It all depends on how it’s done. And Americans don’t appreciate the way that Trump expresses himself, and particularly with regards to people of color, that’s why a majority of Americans see him as a bigoted racist. He’s a bit more disciplined than many of the WN’s on this board that put it right out there, like the guy that said he’s hoping that Florence hits hard and hits minority neighborhoods and kills lots of blacks and Mexicans. He’s more of a dog whistle user…


This is brown people blaming white people, trying to persecute us . Fuck them, die off you fucking roaches


We are in a race war we better wake up .


Well, it would seem that the ‘tolerance’ window of ‘how it is done’ is very small and getting smaller for a group of people who use ‘tolerance’ as a watch word. Yes their are some and some of them reside on this forum that are blatantly and unapologetically racist but the vast majority aren’t and get really angry at the implication. Their are also some that reject scientifically significant differences in racial achievement as an in group and any talk of that is also ‘racist’ (in its implications). Its like the BS stirred up by Serena Williams… anyone who doesn’t thing she was racially and sexually attacked is of course a racist and a sexist even though the original complaint of the judge, which what that she was being coached from the sidelines was verified by her own coach… She escalated the on court display, not anyone else but it was those who disagreed with her who were the problem…

It is to be proven by the accusers that Trumps efforts or lack thereof were done out of racial malice and I don’t think that the can point to anything he said or did that would lead to that conclusion… except it the minds of racial antagonists and of course those who profit from its peddling. … do you believe that black people and Hispanics can and are racist?.. If you don’t you are deluded and if you do, you are more than silent.