35 States Tell the FCC to Get Off Its Ass and Do Something About Spoofed Robocalls


A bipartisan coalition of 35 attorneys general signed a formal request today for the Federal Communications Commission to do something about all the damn spoofing robocalls that have driven us all to basically stop answering our phones ever.

Last November, the FCC created the 2017 Call Blocking Order, which is supposed to provide phone companies a means of weeding out and blocking robocalls. But a group of concerned attorneys general have observed that the robocall issue is getting worse, despite the order.

In 2017, the Federal Trade Commission received 4.5 million complaints about robocalls. The formal comment released today states that reports reflect there were an estimated 30.5 billion illegal robocalls made to cellphones and landlines last year.

The formal comment shakes its fist at scammers and spammers that have plagued the nation’s phones with robocalls—especially calls from spoof numbers that make it seem like the calls are coming from a nearby area code.

“Unwanted robocalls aren’t just a nuisance—they’re a means for scammers to take advantage of unsuspecting New Yorkers,” New York Attorney General Barbara Underwood said, in the press statement. “New Yorkers have been bombarded with these illegal robocall scams—including the all-too-common spoofed calls that appear to come from a neighbor—and it’s time for federal action.”

The document calls upon the FCC to create new rules that would let telephone service providers block these types of “neighbor spoofing” calls.

Specifically, the coalition is telling the FCC they want to build on the 2017 Call Blocking Order, allowing service providers to “use new technology to detect and block illegal spoofed calls” even if they’re coming from numbers that seem legitimate, according to the New York Attorney General’s press release.

Regardless of how much this effort helps, I’m still going to Google search every new number that calls me instead of answering it.


These state AGs should also ask the FCC what they did with the $120m they got from a big robocall operation a few months ago.


Somebody needs to do something about this because I’ve changed my number twice in the past three years because I get flooded with calls. I don’t give my number out.


You can always block the numbers that you know for sure are spam calls. It’s a standard feature for most if not all smartphones.


There are a number of third-party apps that can identify and block calls. But clearly, the phone companies need to do more.


I get like 5 calls a day. One in Spanish and one in Korean or Taiwanese…

I block the number but they call back with a different one…


I get some call from NYC every single day and it’s a robocall of some lady speaking in Chinese. Makes me nuts.


Yeah I wouldnt want to have some third-party apps having access to my contacts list and call history. Thanks but no thanks.


Too many people fall for that trick, especially on the Play store. Most of those shitty apps are probably Chinese data miners.


This spoofing service has refused to ID their clients and the FCC does NOTHING about making them expose these thief’s , what is needed is congress to pass a law to stop this BS .