4 Guantanamo Prisoners to Be Sent to Saudi Arabia




To continue the fight with their terrorist brothers no doubt . That blood will stain Obama and the demoRATS for years to come . A real example of “deplorables” !!!


Gitmo costs American Taxpayers over $2.7 MILLION per YEAR per prisoner.

Read that again.

Over $2.7 MILLION per year per prisoner.

Versus about $60,000 a one of our Super-MAX Prisons which hold the worst of the worst securely. There has never been an escape at a Federal Super-MAX.

GITMO should be closed and the prisoners moved to a Federal Super-MAX.


While the source isn’t my favorite, the author has had a reputable career in both the military and government.

“Now for actual incurred costs: If 2,000 troops could guard and care for 779 detainees, then 300 logically ought to be able to handle 122. Does each detainee really need his own personal doctor and military lawyer? Can’t they share?If you adjust the troop levels to meet the actual mission requirements, and cut back on some of the luxuries afforded to detainees, the real cost would be just a small fraction of the party line. Much closer to the Supermax cost, actually.In a nutshell, the bloated costs at Gitmo are highly misleading, and amount to a self-inflicted wound that Mr. Obama has forced upon the American taxpayer. This strategy is designed to apply maximum political pressure against those who support keeping Gitmo open.”


They are not combatants of a state and should not receive any protection under the Geneva Conventions. A place like Gitmo is best suited for military POWs from foreign countries…not non-state actors.


We should move them, and pay a few million in advance to someplace like Albania, to ‘keep them’.


@NinjaRope are you recommended that the detainees be transferred to a standard prison?


Let me ask, Steve,

I’ll assume that “$2.7M” number is accurate, calculated on a “per detainee” basis, but is that figure calculated in proper context?

I mean Gitmo is a U.S. military base. It existed prior to the detainees arrival & will continue to exist after they’re gone. There were 759 former & current detainees as of May 2006, though I’ve read a population as high as 779. Today, only 55 remain - now, it seems, 51.

If we use your figure, then the total current cost to the taxpayers for the remaining detainees = $137,700,000 (51 x $2.7m). Let’s say we apply your number to the hypothetical peak population of 779 - that’s 779 x $2.7m. That equals $2,103,300,000.

Those numbers seem ridiculously excessive to me. That’s almost $7400 per day per prisoner.

Are you sure that $2.7m number isn’t just a total derived by dividing the gross annual operating costs of Guantanamo - most of which would exist anyway, with or without detainees - by the number of remaining detainees?


In reading this the cost to build GITMO was huge to begin with and these numbers are the cost to run JUST the detention part…from what I have seen in pictures GITMO is a pretty intense area of the base, it is a complex unto itself. A little city of its own.

they have their own security. Certain costs are inherent regardless if they have 1000 prisoners, 100 prisoners, or 1 prisoner, it will cost $XXXXX to keep the place open.

And I suspect the cost is even WORSE because the $2.7 MILLION was based on some 177 prisoners at the time this was written, now what do they have 40, 50?


Democratic lawmakers pushing to close the detention center at Guantanamo Bay said on Wednesday its cost has skyrocketed to $2.7 million per inmate this year and argued it is too expensive to keep open while the country is fighting budget deficits.

“This is a massive waste of money,” Senator Dianne Feinstein said during a Senate Judiciary subcommittee hearing on the base.

Guantanamo has been dubbed the most expensive prison on Earth, and President Barack Obama in May cited its cost - then calculated at about $900,000 per prisoner - as one of many reasons to close it.

Representative Adam Smith, the top Democrat on the House of Representatives Armed Services Committee, testified during the hearing that the current cost of operating the facility has jumped to $454 million in the fiscal year ended September 30, according to the U.S. Department of Defense, or about $2.7 million for each of the 166 inmates.

Smith said overall, $4.7 billion has been spent running Guantanamo since the facility opened in 2002.

By comparison, super-maximum security prisons in the United States spend about $60,000 to $70,000 at most to house their inmates, analysts say.

Excellent question!


It just keeps getting better.


And what did Khalid Sheikh Mohammed cost Americans September 11 , 2001 ? How many more terrorist plots do you want him to carry out ? How many prisoners who were released went back to their terrorist acts and how many died as a result ?