4 Million Migrants Legally Entered America’s Labor Market in 2016—Causing Unemployment & Lower Wages for American Citizens


Me thinks MonteJohn thinks himself as special… someone to be looked up to and respected just because he has … Arrived

He like every other progressive wants to talk about things strictly on he own terms. You can even agree with him on one of the only two real rants he has… foreign policy and you are still not good enough to engage with a person that takes his name from an isolated island in the middle of the Mediterranean. When he talks about health care, he wears the blinders of a plow horse… talk about innovation and R&D… not a word. This is similar to the way the progressive left is with the over all results of the Great Society… a nation being lulled into state dependency and it is allllll good. He’s not looking for anyone to engage him… he is looking for :heart:'s from like minded liberals…

As he has seen, I will continue to engage his comments and others will read them… I don’t need him in the discussion to make my point… If he doesn’t like it… he knows where the reply button is…


I haven’t read anything by @Scott or @LouMan that counters anything @Montecresto1 has said. @Montecresto1 was correct on NAFTA. The most @LouMan or @Scott could muster was a school yard attack? Conservative :baby::baby:


Awe… how cute… giving monti some :heart: (LUV)… my only two comments in this thread was one specifically to @LouMan and the other to the venerable @Montecresto1. It had less to do with the subject at hand than his consistent comedic assertions that he is an ‘independent’ and then goes on to blame both parties but he just doesn’t seem to have any depth beyond telling everybody (at least those partisans on the right) that they just don’t have a clue… In that regard @feddo your comment was neither on subject or relevant…


Well John,
You fail to acknowledge that the cluster called NAFA was bipartisan, doesn’t matter how many of each party voted for it and it was made law by Clinton, a democrat.

Your attempt at diversion is pathetic.

Why to harass them as you do here as you are clearly a liberal from your posts and pretend to be independent.


At last it comes out.

Comprehension issues.

Hope your well feddo.


The alt right hate anything humanitarian, want everybody to pull themselves up by their bootstraps, and NEVER complain about the trillions of dollars spent on global occupation and endless war. Not just bad Americans, just damn bad people.


Take NAFTA for example. These guys came in insisting that it was all Clintons fault. I proved that it was negotiated by the George H W Bush administration with strong republican support, meaning that this trade agreement was solidly bipartisan, which proves my larger point, that BOTH parties are destroying the country, and what do they say? It’s just unfuckingbelievable the blindness of the partisan.


And the alt left/antifa hate an equal amount.

Your partisanship is showing.


And of course your partisanship is showing.

NAFTA was a cluster from the get go.

A bipartisan congress passed it, and a democrat gave you the finger and signed it.

Fortunately Trump as bad as he is gave the TPP the finger and walked away.


I will heartily agree with you on that, all foreign aid (which is basically bribe money) should be cut off. And in case there’s any confusion, I’m not referring to any relief money/support that is sent following natural disasters and the like, but regular checks we send annually to countries, and especially rich countries like Israel.


Well, I can tell you this mister sanctimonious… were it not for independent spirit, that drive to succeed and the entrepreneurial drive, you wouldn’t have the funds to draw on in your attempt to save the world. Half of the US population lives, in part off of the US government, do you actually believe that the government should need to ‘aid’ half of the population… if you do, then your idea of humanitarian is hugely distorted. I have no problem helping someone truely in need. It has been shown time and time again and in study after study that the conservative and religious right give more time, donate more talent and contribute more to charity than do their liberal counterparts… caring in not the problem… loving into dependency most certainly is. One of the main problems I have with progressive ‘ideas’ is that they are just that… thoughts that someone dreams up without actually considering the consequences, then when questioned about the deplorable results, they pout up and start yelling ‘hater’… you want to talk about issues, lets talk about issues… you want to talk about the us foreign policy… great but have the fortitude to understand that our interventionist foreign policy was forged by the progressive mission to spread ‘democracy’… (up until democracy stops working for you then you no longer like the rules) He the fortitude to admit that the progressive ideology that you worship has been praised by the very world villains that started two world wars and praised publicly Wilson and FDR for their ‘strong’ leadership. That praised Wilson for his use of street thugs, not unlike Antifa, to stop decent… the globalist elements of the republican party most certainly exist and they like the free money left love the FED and the central banking but let their be no doubt, Jekyll Island was a bunch of big money democrats… and the fed as well as the 17th amendment… another ‘progressive’ initiative have consolidated corruption at the highest places in government… The right and the republican party most certainly have their own crosses to bear but keep in mind, that until the 1960 most republicans were centered very much on state issues while democrats were consolidating the masses in organizations like the peace corp that are so very reminiscent of Hitler, Mussillini, Stalin and Mao.

Sorry for no paragraphs… I hardly came up for air…


An interesting story.

I’m president of our HOA. Not 1 meeting goes by with out a homeowner saying I think the HOA should pay for this vs. the nom owner painting their garage door, fix the ceiling in their home which they blame on a non existent roof leak. We are accused of fixing the leak and not telling them the roof leaked. The most common statement is: I pay 265 a month in fees and this should be fixed by the association. My comment is always the same, we can fix everything as long as everyone is willing to pay higher fees.

The anger mounts.

This is a small microcosm of America today. In America every one thinks that government should fix it, give them more. Until the government says we will raise taxes. That in itself should be done across the board. The more people have to pay for something the less they want it. If people on medicaid had to pay 50 bucks to go to the doctor, would they go to the doctor for a cold? If people on medicaid had to pay a portion of the ER bill would they be so free to go at a sniffle?

This is a small microcosm of America today.


You may misrepresent the truth and receive many alt right likes for doing so, but that will never change the FACT that amnesty for “illegal aliens” has been brought to you by both parties. Reagan didn’t beat around the bush like democrats have, he just provided legal status to 2.7 million “illegal aliens” via IRCA by a quick signature. Again and again, the filth of the partisan is manifest here daily.


And still you say nothing to guide us, those who are most misguided, to a new place … nothing… absolutely nothing.


Do you think racist Americans would give two shits about black unemployment???


The Simpson-Mazzoli bill contained three promises:

  1. The government would make a concerted effort to control the borders.
  2. An effective employer verification program would ensure that only legal workers were hired.
  3. One-time amnesty would be granted for people illegally in the United States.

Well Congress at least got 1 done.

And the results:
Ronnie got screwed by the democrats and republicans, both proved ti be liars.
No border control and certainly employer verification is a joke of the highest magnitude.


And just who to hell are you talking about?.. Who are you calling ‘racists’? … I would suggest that you are using the same broad brush that painted you as a ‘LIBTARD’…so, if the shoe fits…You have no idea what a racist is… you are so caught up in your rhetoric that if someone opposes the position of the Islamic faith… they are racists… and if someone opposes the mass importation of someone from another country, they are racist… If someone believes that you should work for a living you are a racist… and if you believe importing cheap labor only to displace American citizens to state aid is racists… then you truly are a libtard.


Do you think Blacks give two shits about white America unemployment?

This country is all about itself except of course the bleeding heart liberals who care about themselves and of course minorities. One reason the Democons lost the election.


Yes, our national debt is a huge problem that began in earnest during the Reagan administration and has compounded heavily under every president since. And if you look at the debt clock in real time it’s still spinning out of control, DJT notwithstanding.