40 to 50 Percent of All DACA Recipients Are Frauds


According to Matt O’Brien, the former manager for the US Citizenship and Immigration Services Agency’s investigative unit, fraud under Obama’s unconstitutional Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program has reached absurd proportions.

In fact, up to half of the 800,000 illegal aliens who benefit under DACA should not be receiving said benefits—they’re frauds who don’t meet the program’s criteria. O’Brien bluntly states:

Based on what I have seen and what I discussed with my colleagues, the fraud rate is 40 to 50 percent. It’s possible that it was higher.

O’Brien mentions that abuse was common in the DACA program from the get-go.


According to O’Brien, aside from the ideological predilections of certain bureaucrats that doubtlessly had a part to play, the main reason is sloppy governance and artificial timetables that pressured workers into rushing applicants through without proper vetting.

For example, when USCIS employees initially screened DACA applicants, they failed to do thorough reviews “in order to get the DACAs all racked and stacked quickly.”

In cases where red flags were found, O’Brien said USCIS employees generally failed to look into them:

I would say 98 percent of the time [the employees] defaulted to approving them.

Hyperbole or not, there’s no question that fraud in DACA—like most other government programs—is rampant. It’s estimated that some $144 billion worth of taxpayer money was squandered by the government on “improper payments” in 2016. DACA likely suffers from the same pitfalls that breed inefficiency in other government welfare programs.

Now for those of you who haven’t been following DACA closely, here’s a quick recap of what DACA is, and why you should care about abuse:

DACA was an executive order signed by President Obama in June 2012 that allowed all illegal aliens who arrived in America before they were aged 16 to apply for legal work permits, Social Security numbers, driver’s licenses, and made them eligible for earned income tax credits. Enrollment must be renewed every two years.

Since 2012, nearly 800,000 illegal aliens have taken advantage of DACA. Most of them were adults. Essentially, DACA grants participants the rights and privileges normally associated with legal entry into America: it is renewable amnesty.

We should be worried about DACA fraught not just because of its economic consequences, but because we should jealously guard the rights of American citizenship—we should not allow people to bilk their way into becoming Americans. This is not the American way.

Doing so is a betrayal of the rule of law, and our fundamental values.


Barrack Hussein Obama, the gift that keeps giving to foreigners at the expense of Americans. I’m willing to bet that all of the Obama administration people that inhabited federal agencies pushed employees to approve instead of deny.

Why is he complaining now? Where is the leadership? He was ultimately responsible for the actions of his employees. If he knew things weren’t being done correctly, why didn’t he do something about it? Glad he’s bringing this to light…but he should have had the courage to act and prevent this.


I am shocked, shocked I tell you! Fraud in a government program designed to speed the destruction of America?! Very hard to believe…


What is welfare and sanctuary cities?


How can any reasonable taxpayer be okay with this? I know San Francisco is ultra-liberal but here we have a case of an illegal alien getting paid big bucks for breaking our own laws. How can this even sit well with liberals? Send these dirtbags back.


President Trump needs to send them packing !


Amerindians, and Hispanics were here before the disgruntled puritans showed up. Santa Fe New Mexico was founded in 1609, before the Mayflower ever landed. It’s amazing to watch Americans claim that anybody is here illegally considering who we displaced to create what we call the United States of America.


That’s the way the world works. The weak should fear the strong.


Either we are a nation with borders or we are no nation.

If some are allowed to enter the country unfettered why discriminate against the rest of the world. Open the border to all or none.


Cassandra from Greek mythology was a priestess cursed to have everyone to ignore or not believe her prophesies. She went to the streets telling everyone she could about the Trojan Horse and the Greeks within attempting to infiltrate Troy. I find myself empathizing with her a lot these days.


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Then the US should be cowering, shrug.


I don’t think that you understand where sovereignty begins and ends, or what it even means.


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History rolls on… you can give up your claim to America and its culture or you can stand your ground. Hispanics as the name implies are a product of the Spanish conquistadors… Aztec influence in the the area we call the southwest US was minimal… genetic testing shows that the mixing of ‘Mexican’ blood with American Indians was in equal parts with Spanish blood… This is the United States of America until someone takes it away… or someone lets them have it…


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They still came here from Siberia. It’s not like they are original to this land either. They came, took it over, and were later conquered by others who came and took it over. That’s how human civilization works.


As long as you acknowledge that and don’t pretend that the US is somehow different, benevolent, the defender and promoter of democracy.