6 Things The Alt-Right Are Getting Wrong

6 Things The Alt-Right Are Getting Wrong

Among the dissident right there are all kinds of views which, especially on social media, cause people to clash. It is quite normal for movements, organizations, and companies to have a diversity of opinion; however views should rightfully be challenged on their merits, or lack thereof. There are a few common ideas which, in my view, groups and individuals on our side of the political spectrum get entirely wrong.

1. "Voting and elections don’t matter"

This is probably the most important of all. Voting in an election (participating in the political process) is very important. Contrary to what some people in the dissident right say, elections are crucial to modern society. If you want an example of why I argue this then look no further than Italy, where the election of Matteo Salvini as Interior Minister has completely changed the country’s immigration policy.

Even if you don’t completely agree with any of the parties or candidates, you need to vote strategically to suit your people’s interests. The perfect example is the election of President Trump, a civic nationalist who has stomped on the left’s agenda, and then thrown it into the trash by nominating two Supreme Court Justices – Justices which will help steer the course of America’s future over the next three decades. You don’t have to completely agree with Trump to support or vote for him, because at the end of the day he is a step in the right direction. Politics moves in decades, not years.

Even if you don’t believe in democracy, that is the system you have to fight in, and fight you must. Not voting and allowing the left to win every election is not going to help Western Civilization at all, is it?

6 Things The Alt-Right Are Getting Wrong

2. ‘Accelerationism: "We need a collapse."

Wishing the end of your civilization is not a very good idea, even if you currently detest the degenerate society you reside within. Most people in the dissident right who support the idea of a collapse would probably not survive it. When the economy collapses, the food runs out, the emergency services aren’t available and the cities are burning, the life expectancy of you and your family will plummet. The vast majority of whites would suffer tremendously, and because we are a global minority under siege, we simply do not have the numbers to rebuild and withstand the immigration onslaught. Not to mention foreign powers (like China) who would take advantage of our collapse and conquer us, or the nuclear power stations that would go into meltdown and leave the western world largely uninhabitable.

Working to avoid a collapse with the time we still have is a lot more productive that waiting for it to happen. It is easy to forget, but there is a 30-year window to turn things around, and we must make the most of it.

3. "Don’t punch right"

Nobody is above criticism, whether they be to the political left or right of you. A movement must be based around people who not only share your beliefs, but who also have reasonable personalities. For decades the nationalist scene has been repeatedly ruined by unstable people, LARPers, infiltrators and idiots. There is nothing wrong with disassociating yourself from a person who you know full well is a car crash waiting to happen. And, more importantly, warning others within your movement about that impending car crash is of paramount importance. Just because someone is ideologically aligned with you does not mean they are valuable.

4. "Optics don’t matter"

Optics absolutely matter. The way you dress, speak, write and move will all be judged by those who are viewing whatever you are doing. If you are rude to somebody, people will notice. If you contradict yourself when answering questions, people will notice. If you dress up in a black shirt and march down the street with a swastika flag, people will notice. You judge people on a daily basis during face to face interactions, and you must also understand that everybody else does this as well.

6 Things The Alt-Right Are Getting Wrong

If Matteo Salvini had openly associated with the overtly-fascist Tricolor Flame, do you think the Italian people would have elected him? Do you think Farage and the Brexit movement would have won if they had openly been members of the BNP? We have to accept that the vast majority of the public are moderate, mild-minded folk who wish for stability and reassurance. The moment they sense something on the right that is too controversial for them they will turn and run; and your movement will never have their support again. You need to establish a brand which is nationalistic but optically suitable for the public – the winning formula.

The left has never (ever!) told the voting public what their long term goal is (Communism), and so therefore nor should you, even though our goal is survival and prosperity. It is not understood by the public to be so. As I said above, politics works in decades not years, and a few compromises on the way you present yourselves now will have a long lasting effect on your fortunes in the future. Just look at the way Identity Evropa has remodeled itself in the last 9 months, and how as a result their membership has grown considerably.

5. The Obsession with Zionists

Over the last 15 years, I have seen numerous nationalist groups in Europe and North America ripped to shreds by this issue. It always goes the same way. The groups become red-pilled about Zionist influence, and over time they descend into a civil war between the realists (who understand the JQ as the in-group bias exhibited by certain Jews and Zionist affiliates), and the others who go full Atomwaffen and usually end up in prison, dead, or having a total meltdown.

Understanding the negative effects of Zionist influence over Europeans is very important, but that doesn’t mean you default to becoming a Jew-hating "Nazi". It also doesn’t mean that you purity spiral on this one issue and forget all the other external pressures affecting white people. Understanding and combating multiple problems is essential for a movement’s relevancy and growth.

6 Things The Alt-Right Are Getting Wrong

6."Christianity vs Pagan civil war"

If there was ever a time white people need to put aside their religious differences and unite, it is now. Squabbling over religion is really not helpful, and I find the it’s all so tiresome meme really comes into its own with regards to this infighting. If white people manage to get out of the demographic mess they are currently in, then I am sure they will be able to pursue their religious beliefs in peace. But unless we win, your religious beliefs will disappear as quickly as your gene pool. So get active, help create credible movements, and try and tolerate each other’s spiritual practises.

There is no reason why a white pagan and a white Christian cannot be in the same nationalist movement, because I suspect they probably agree more than they disagree; at least when it comes to politics. If anything, those with some faith should be helping white people discover their spiritual side, because I do believe this is a necessary component in order for the west to recover. It is clear that a spiritually bereft society does not prosper.

Squabbling and infighting over doctrine, oppression, and minutiae of ideology is what keeps the left divided against itself; and long may that continue. Ideology is all they have, and this manifests in their hierarchical stack of privilege while they fight to become non-hierarchical. We have something bigger to contend with than who is more nationalist than who- we contend with our very existence.

Isn't that more important?

6 Things The Alt-Right Are Getting Wrong

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Boy , do elections matter !!! GO TRUMP !!!


To those that do not accept the results…elections do not matter. They simply ignore the results and refuse to support the winner or to wish him well in his effort to improve the state of the union.

The Democrat Party is essentially obstructing justice in their unrelenting campaign to deny the duly elected President any success in improving our country.

It must be terribly irritating to them that President Trump is succeeding despite all the opposition.


Witness the effect on liberals in entirely different countries


They all have their panties in a wad. Trump is disturbing the sensitivities of the New World Order.


Jews were involved in American white nationalist organizations such as American Renaissance, just like you’d expect them to be involved in any such organization that isn’t overtly antisemitic. The very name of your movement, “alt-right”, was coined by a Jew by the name of Gottfried.

Various Jews have made considerable efforts to align themselves with alt-right causes. You chose to obsess over Zionism, basically kicked them out, and now you complain that they don’t show up any more. Then you conclude, from observing rife Jewish activity in leftist movements and the paucity of Jewish involvement in movements sympathetic to your causes, that Jews must be partaking in some nefarious conspiracy to promote white genocide and are perforce a threat to gentiles.

The fact of the matter is that an influx of Arab, Muslim migrants from the Middle East is an unmitigated disaster for Jewish communities everywhere. Multiculturalism, as exemplified in the actions of many European nations, poses a direct threat to the well-being of Jews and Jewish communities. Jews are probably much more sympathetic to some of your causes than you seem to believe. Really, all you have to do is refrain from being overtly antisemitic.


That seems truthy, except for the get out clause of Right of Return. If this were true, I would think we might see -for example- more Jews advocating for strong borders for more than just one country in particular.


Yeah why would anyone believe that


I’ve given some thought to the idea that Jews have an insurance policy in the form the Right of Return, so they’re less inclined to worry about the situation in, say, European nations or America. It has some initial plausibility. After all, if things get really bad, Jews can always hop on a plane and flee to the Holy Land, an avenue that’s unavailable to their gentile compatriots. I remain largely skeptical of the explanatory power of this idea, though. Here are two observations to defuse some of its force:

(1) Jews, owing to their overrepresentation in leftist movements, are some of the most vociferous supporters of the so-called two states solution, wherein Israel is required to give up significant parts of the territory that it presently occupies and help establish a Palestinian state alongside it. In certain versions of the solution, Israel will also be required to allow a certain number of Palestinian refugees to return to their pre-war whereabouts in what is part of present-day Israel. If Jews presumably support strong borders for Israel, but not for other countries, because of some insurance policy in the form of the Right of Return, then surely we’d expect them to be much more hostile to anything that might pose a threat to the existence of Israel as we know it, namely, a Jewish state capable of defending its citizenry, wouldn’t we?

(2) How strong is the alleged Jewish support for strong borders for Israel, anyway? I know of some American Jewish organization, such as J Street, that have been assiduous in their attempts to prevent the deportation of tens of thousands of African migrants from Israel. They’ve discussed a putative Jewish obligation to help refugees that emanates from the persecution the Jews have themselves experienced. They dismiss demographic worries as unfounded, but it’s entirely unclear what amount of refugees, if any, is satisfactory in their eyes. In any event, they don’t seem much concerned with the demographics of Israel and its Jewish character.

The question nevertheless remains: Why do we see so many Jews who openly promote multiculturalism, yet so few of them who openly oppose it? I don’t have a definitive answer, but here I will reiterate my suggestion that it has something to do with the overt antisemitic nature of movements that positioned themselves against multiculturalism. In other words, there’s no one to join forces with.


I skimmed through your link. Not entirely sure how any of it lends credence to the belief that Jews partake in a nefarious conspiracy to promote white genocide. What exactly were you getting at?

Anyway, one would think that the fact that many Jews (Zionist Jews!) played a pivotal role in orchestrating Trump’s campaign and bringing about his eventual victory would quell some of the anti-Jewish sentiment. Alas, it persists, and at this point, it appears more irrational than ever.


I too read the pdf. I see it as evidence that statisticians will go to great lengths to “logically” skew results to support whatever they prefer.


There are Jews in the Alt-Right who are exposing the undue influence of “zionists”. I believe it was the founder of modern zionism who said that much of his work would be done by anti-semitic feelings amongst the goyim; thereby encouraging more Jews to return.

Oh man, come on.

Which were subsequently shunted off to Europe, wow, thanks J Street! Oh, don’t deport the poor africans, they might not get welfare! Oh, okay. Europe will take them instead. Unbelievable.


I rather had in mind the belief that Jews are inimical to the interests of their host nation.

I’m not saying that Jewish support for strong borders for Israel is nonexistent, but I do think that the alleged bias, which is often ridiculed by promoting “open borders for Israel”, is not nearly as potent as it’s often portrayed. Conservative Jews are in favor of securing Israel’s borders. But they’re also in favor of securing America’s or Germany’s borders, so no bias there. Liberal Jews, who do promote laxer immigration policies, hardly seem concerned with the Jewish character of Israel. At the very least, claims that they place onerous demands on gentiles in terms of openness and commitment to multiculturalism, but reserve for themselves and for Israel the prerogative to run afoul of similar standards, is not self-evidently true.

Who was shunted off to Europe? Last I checked, the Africans are still in Israel, alive and well, with a flourishing community in Tel Aviv. 300 Sudanese asylum seekers were recently even granted temporary residence. Anyway, even if they will eventually be made to leave and end up on European soil, that would have nothing to do with J Street and Jewish organizations. They advocate allowing them to stay in Israel. After all, it is the Jews who have a moral obligation in virtue of having been refugees, not the Europeans.


You’re conflating conservative Jews in the west with conservative Jews in Israel.

But it is a noticeable trend.


You’re right- though flourishing might be a strong word, if we ask the locals.

You disagree with yourself- if the conservative Jews advocate for strong borders for Europe, it is a clear hypocrisy for conservative Jews to also advocate sending 16,250 sundanese to Europe.

Actually true, thanks for the correction, I appreciate it.


When I think of conservative American Jews, I have in mind people like Jared Kushner or Ben Shapiro. I take them to be representative of that strand, and they most certainly support securing America’s borders. Are there other presumably conservative Jews in America who do not share their views on the issue? If so, I’d genuinely like to know and rectify my ignorance here.

This Greenblatt guy no doubt rejoices in the idea of white extinction. You will come across many Jews like Greenblatt. I have absolutely no problem granting that. The question, however, is this: Will Greenblatt and his ilk have any double standards, let alone blatant double standards, when it comes to Israel? I find that extremely unlikely. I checked out his Twitter account, which lead me to a website (itsgoingdown.org) that he promotes. It serves, among other things, as an unabashed mouthpiece of Palestinian propaganda. I would be legitimately shocked to discover that Greenblatt even believes that Israel has a right to exist as a Jewish state. So, yes, he’s definitely a rabid leftist, but he’s a consistent rabid leftist; no punches pulled when it comes to Israel.

As for the Sudanese, it is my understanding that liberal governments in countries like Germany and Canada took it upon themselves to take in African migrants. They came to Netanyahu and made the offer. What’s he supposed to do? Turn it down? He’d be insane to do such a thing. If anyone ought to oppose it, it’s conservative Jews in Germany and Canada. Not conservative Jews in America, Israel or elsewhere. At least in the case of Germany, I know that many Jews have aligned themselves with the AfD, the foremost critic of Merkel’s policies.


Shapiro is quite vocal that he doesn’t care about white people.

And by the way, I don’t give a good damn about the so-called “browning of America.” Color doesn’t matter. Ideology does.

— Ben Shapiro (@benshapiro) June 16, 2017

Regarding Greenblatt, he is just one of so many it has become a meme.

Counter-Jihad is very popular amongst Jews the world over, for obvious reasons. It’s also convincing enough an answer as to provide the gentiles with a good enemy to scrap with, while ignoring Jewish group interests or at least considering them to be concordant with our own.


Shapiro maintains that ideology is more important than skin color, but he still supports restrictions on immigration. I mean, it’s not like he’s saying, “race doesn’t matter, therefore we should be OK with it if half of Sudan were to show up here tomorrow, and also we should give amnesty to illegal aliens who are already here”.

As for Greenblatt, he’s indeed one of many. It does seem that Jews are overrepresented in leftist movements, both in Europe and America. I have no quarrel with that statement.

The problem I have with such an explanation, and this is basically also the problem I have with Kevin MacDonald, is that it leads to a situation where your theory is always validated, no matter what happens in reality. Jews oppose the influx of migrants from Middle Eastern countries? Why, of course they do, it’s part of their group interest, they’re trying to distract the gentiles and inveigle them into believing that there are no Jewish interests. Jews support the influx of migrants from Middle Eastern countries? Why, of course they do! It’s part of their group interest, they’re trying to ruin gentile cultures from within and thereby strengthen Jewish dominance.

It explains everything, and therefore explains nothing.


That’s not what he is saying, but he is aware of the demographic replacement- and is not dumb enough to fail to realise the ramifications for “conservatism”. Therefore, he is either deluded, a liar with ulterior motives, or an idiot. I don’t think he’s deluded or an idiot.

That’s not MacDonald’s position per se- he does recognize that Jews are not a monolith- however there is, for various political goals, an over-represented Jewish influence. Sometimes those goals conflict, sometimes they intersect. I gotta get to the gym and work, but thanks for an interesting discussion.


Yeah, sure thing. I’d like to thank you for the discussion, too. The opportunity to write down my thoughts on such issues is enormously beneficial.


I enjoy these conversations as I generally can add to my vocabulary by researching some of the unfamiliar words used therein.

Word of the day: inveigle

(Look it up…that way you’re more likely to remember it and its meaning.)