8th-grade ‘privilege test’


A “privilege test” was given to 150 eighth-grade students at a Wisconsin public school in December and consisted of 55 statements participants checked off

Teachers at Badger Middle School in West Bend wanted to start a conversation about privilege after students read the classic book “To Kill a Mockingbird,” which deals with racism in the Jim Crow South, the district told WITI-TV.

“For a lot of children, they don’t even understand what most of it means,” Kim Goldman told WITI, noting that her seventh-grade daughter didn’t receive the test but knows all about it because of the controversy at the school.

Other statements on the “privilege test” included “I have never tried to hide my sexuality,” “I have never been called a terrorist” and “I have never been catcalled,” WITI reported.

“My child doesn’t know what that means, and she’s 13,” Goldman added to the station. “This is the age they’re teaching it? She doesn’t know what being catcalled means.”

WITI noted that an upset parent called West Bend police about the “privilege test.” A police spokesman confirmed to WITI that the call occurred but that police told the caller it was a school district matter.

“Some of the language in the questionnaire I can see why, as a parent of a 13, 14-year-old eighth grader, some people may feel as though those are topics that should be discussed in the home and not the classroom,” Badger Middle School Principal Dave Uelmen told the station.

Following the controversy, the district decided to stop administering the “privilege test,” but officials told WITI they stand behind the test’s core ideas.

“If we want our students to be successful when they go out into their careers in the future, they have to understand that not everyone is like them,” Assistant Superintendent Laura Jackson told the station.


This is sick! What about all the white boys who like dark meat but are discriminated against because of their color? Not that I would know… Never had that problem.


It’s liberals and a continuation of the Obama diversity project where white is bad , white is privileged , white is racist !


I wonder if the test also included POC ghetto privilege?-

“I verbally assault the teacher with profanities almost daily”
“I threaten teachers”
“I act out in a sexualized manner in class”
“I am constantly loud and disruptive”
"I started having sex at 12"
"I expect to have my first baby by 14"
“I do drugs all the time”
“I deal drugs”
“I am in a gang”

What, no?


This is outrageous. I got angry just reading the screenshots. It’s up to parents to teach their children values. The teachers and the school have no right to start filling kids heads with this stuff. The police should have done something about it. I hope that the parents file a class action lawsuit.


This is happening at schools across the country. You just have to stop and ask how all of this is being coordinated and pushed out to our students by the teachers in the school districts we are paying for. This material isn’t just falling out of the sky. Someone is preparing it and giving it to teachers who are stupidly using it.


A solution is to out your kids in private schools, where your voice is backed by your wallet. Hence Im behind DeVos’ school choice initiative.


Since I’m identifying as a black teenage unwed mother this morning I don’t see what all the fuss is about.


Just like the common core curriculum, the fuss is about preparing children for the mental gymnastics they have to go through in order to deal with the real world. Oh and the way to diversify, not your portfolio and marketable skill set, but your intersectionality and self diversity. After all the fuss about trans-genderism quiets down a bit, trans-racism will be a thing, bc soyboys need to feel special too.

Youre doing great by the way, next week, we have free disabling clinics where you can chop off a limb of choice and is given a disability certificate, along with a monthly check of not-your-money. Food and light refreshment will be served.