9 Things Alt-Right Men Need to Know


1. Aesthetics matter more than optics

It Doesn't matter what you do, it matters what you look like while you do it. They hate you, no matter what. You can save an entire school bus of children from drowning in a river in a flash flood, but the second your politics are revealed they will hate you and try to discredit and destroy you. Are we clear? Yes? Good. It doesn't actually matter what you say, hardly anyone will remember it unless it's exceptionally profound and you are a person of note. It matters what you look like, a well kept man is immediately notable versus a disheveled bum. How you are dressed -clean, well-fitted, matched- and what your hair looks like -effort vs no effort- your footwear -appropriate shoe for the occasion- and, if in person, how you smell. These are the things that impact people and it happens in 1/10th of a second. If you can make someone like or trust you in 1/10th of a second they will second guess everything that comes after that, you can only do that visually. First impressions are forever. If in doubt, start with the footwear and move upwards.

2. Not everyone is an erudite gentleman. Nor should they be.

To the untrained eye this may seem in opposition to my previous point. It is not. Authenticity is as much a part of aesthetics as anything else. Cosmopolitan dwelling fellas, you ain't getting a country boy in a suit and tie if he isn't getting married or burying a relative, and that is okay. Some of the issues you have with “optics" is expecting a regionally distinct nation to follow the rules of only one region; which is exactly what the liberal coastal elites have been doing for decades! Speaking of regional conflicts...

3. The South is for Southerners

There is no rational reason to concede ground to an enemy preceding a war, unless you have an advanced strategy to counter the push. You don't volunteer your losses ahead of the game, and you certainly don't reveal your hand of what you find most valuable. Alienating swaths of people by volunteering their homes as tribute to the very people who swarm their neighborhoods making them unsafe and barely habitable may seem like a funny meme or a rational concession; but it isn't and by the by, I don't hear an alternative where you give up your homes and flee to the South. The idea of an ethnic homeland for our people is a good one, but we need to think smarter than Balkanizing the United States of America.

4. Shitposting isn't going to save the world

These ideas have to make it into the real world where people live. Even the people you have contempt for have life experiences they can relate to our ideology. Why? Because the things that you've noticed aren't unique to you just because you noticed them already for what they are. Online we live in a polarized meta-reality of extremes. Fascist or Marxist. Right or left. Genocide or victory. Those extremes simply don't exist on the typical person's radar. There is a season for all things and now is the season to forge real life connections with real life people. The way forward is not tiki-torches and marching, it is a quiet, responsible conversation about real affairs that matter to the man or woman in the street.

5. Stop trying to purge people!

What kind of whacked out brain-fry drug den did you just crawl out of to think that any white person to the right of center is disposable? Identify them for what they are, and then utilize whatever it is they do or can do to benefit our immediate concerns. We have other concerns than just Zionism. We have to get legislation passed or stopped. We have to spread the word of first and second amendment breaches and violations. We have to talk about immigration. We have to talk about MS-13 and other gang activity. We have to have discussions existing on the internet that we don't have a million hours in the day to have. I personally am very critical of basic CivNat conservatives. They are weak and ineffective at conservatism, but i never advocate for purging their huge, beautiful, rarely banned platforms. Stop being ridiculous. Immediately.

6. There's no such thing as "Punching Right"

Nobody is above criticism. Nobody is above harsh criticism. Nobody. This doesn't mean that person needs to be “purged” from the movement. We refine ourselves through defending our positions, we refine our arguments by having them more than once, and losing more often than we win. We refine our ideology through discussion; and you aren't the gatekeeper of how that discussion is meant to be hosted. Anyone who has put their name or pseudonym forward accepts the inevitability that they will be challenged intellectually, morally and spiritually. There is surely no reason to schism between fans of this guy or that guy. That guy is not the be-all end-all, and this guy is only the guy until we find a better guy. Avoid cults of personality.

9 Things Alt-Right Men Need to Know

7. Get a thesaurus

Stop using words you know will get you banned on leftist social media platforms. The English language is the best language on the planet; and there are about 40 legitimate words that aren't bannable for every bannable word you type. For example whore is bannable, strumpet is not. Retarded is bannable, simple is not. Understand that in one moment we talk about white excellence and in the other we show that we can't learn, collectively, how to stop saying bad words and getting shut down. Adapt.

8. Quit pretending you don't want women talking about politics

Yes you do. You need women to talk about politics. You may not want them in politics or to hold office, after all,who does; women are inherently terrible at it. Please though, stop with the ridiculous assertion that you want women to stop talking about current affairs or identity issues. It's an aphrodisiac when a woman agrees with you about topics that you care deeply about. For her to understand what concerns you and why, is a comfort to you. To be able to vent your frustrations to someone who can hear you and can fathom your concern is a boon. Do you really want to come home to dinner, start moaning about Mueller, communists or the latest political compromise in direct opposition to your immediate needs and be met by a blank stare? No. We are a partnership, always. If you happen to be the very small amount of men who actually hate women, shut up and get out of the way of the men who would like to make lots of babies with the women that you despise.

9. Jews aren't that powerful.

I am not suggesting you should give them a single moment of respite from pointing out each and every instance they exercise what influence they've been permitted to have.

I said permitted.

They are not innovative or cutthroat or fun. They merely exhibit an enviable in-group bias. This is the fundamental crux of the relationship between the West and those Jews who take advantage of systems we create for their group benefit. It is not every Jew you meet in day to day life; and therefore our attention to relations between our peoples as a whole should be fair, polite, but firm. The cry of antisemitism arises when the grand arch of Zionist influence is threatened- because it can be taken away from them in an instant, as has been done in many other civilizations throughout history. They cannot outperform us, purely based on the relative sizes of our populations; it is a logical strategy to shape a society to better suit your own interests, given this understanding. It is our role to politely refuse such machinations.

Ultimately, though the Jewish lobby has poisoned our society in many respects they will ultimately only destroy themselves with success; just as a parasite cannot live without a host, they cannot live without the protection of Western Civilization, either in our lands or in Jerusalem. We can recognize this reality in the declining Jewish population in the West, through intermarriage and emigration to Israel. This force is in a process of decline in the West- for as much as we can say demography is destiny, this is true for all peoples. It is thus far more important in this context that you rediscover your power and learn to start saying, "No, thank you. This is not in our interest. Good day."

Absent of criticism we cannot take the steps necessary to accomplish our collective goals. It is what happens within our small but growing community that sets the stage for the future battles we will face; be they culturally, politically, or in some cases physically. We need to learn to turn into ourselves and each other, first to strengthen from within and only after that push forward into the mire that awaits us. If we do, then bleak prospects will become victorious battles rather than nihilistic concessions and defeat.

Victorious warriors win first and then go to war, while defeated warriors go to war first and then seek to win.

Sun Tzu, The Art of War

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I was wondering how long it would go before the anti-Semitic shit was revealed.


Being critical of the Jewish lobby isn’t necessarily anti-Semitic. It’s just being critical of a lobby that advocates for a foreign government receiving preferential treatment over US citizens. That should be criticized.


I think he was referring to the paragraph above that.


This problem isn’t going away, and our government can’t save us from it. Only we can do that. Treating each other with civility and respect is not just the right thing to do, it is a powerful defensive weapon in a very dangerous world.

The anger displayed here as well as most sites is clearly getting worse. Few people here or on any internet site would say the things when face to face with a fellow citizen unless they were with their bestie sho shared the exact thoughts.

It’s easy to throw garbage around as it often is here, easy to throw out your opinion and not back it up with facts.


I think it was intentionally edgy but the way I read it was that the intended audience is Alt-Right males, so the edginess makes sense I guess. The point I got from it was that people on the Alt-Right should stop making Jewish people villians and start calling out all of the concessions they get BECAUSE they are Jewish. It’s no different than blacks pulling the black card or hispanics doing the same thing. Anybody that pulls a race card and gets something in return is doing more harm than good - overall.


Point well taken, there are about 15 million Jews In the world. It has taken about 80 years to approach pre holocaust levels. Demographics do rule and one has to ask oneself why the old religion fails to reproduce. It’s not all about physical elimination by antagonists.


Paragraph 9 is complete bullshit.

Perhaps if Jews were truly focused only on themselves, Jonas Salk would have limited use of his polio vaccine and made the Jews the only polio-free group on earth.

Jews have made many significant contributions to medicine, science and technology.

Perhaps if alt-right Hitler hadn’t murdered nearly six million Jews, their contributions to mankind would be much greater than has already been witnessed.


muh 6 gorillion

How many GI’s died in WW2, mate? do you know without googling?


@asaratis read this.


People who declare themselves to be in the alt-right make me cringe. The alt-right is nothing more than the right-of-center’s equivalent of a bunch of virtue signaling screeching leftists. The lack of depth is usually laughable. The content created is always reactionary and emotional garbage that gets puked up without any kind of thought. I compare it to the shit I see in BuzzFeed but written by edgelords, who for the most part, don’t even have the fucking balls to use their real names. These alt-right fucks do nothing for the cause except make us look like a bunch of morons.


How many of them were Jewish?


No. Enlighten me so I don’t have to google.


I read most of the blog…and many of the 191 comments…all but 5 of which were written in the last 10 days of January, 2009 predominantly by a clusterfuck of anti-Semitic pseudo-intellectuals that seem to believe Judaism to be a race. What a pathetic, pathological gathering of hateful dumb fucks.


I hadn’t really thought about it like that…but now that you mention it I can’t really find a valid reason to disagree. The argument can be made that people just don’t want to be doxed. I get that, because for the most part we all use an avatar and alias here. The difference I think though is we aren’t trying to make a living off what we are saying here. We also aren’t trying to come across as journalists. But as far as the alt-right is concerned, how credible is any group if the majority of it’s members are afraid of getting doxed? If you are afraid of getting doxed then that means you know you are doing something, saying something, or acting in a certain way that you normally wouldn’t. Getting doxed just means getting embarrassed. Most people avoid getting embarrassed by avoiding doing things that would lead to embrassment. Maybe the author of this article wouldn’t publicly say these things - even among friends. Maybe she would. I don’t know. But being somewhat anonymous gives people a license to behave a certain way. The left behaves exactly how they want to and never really bothers making themselves anonymous…mainly because I don’t think they are ashamed for anything they have to say, as much as we dislike it.


Ashkenazi Jews are a race. This is well established. I read recently that they can trace all Ashkenazi Jews back to 4 women who left the Levant in the year 300.


Not so. All Jews are members of a religion, not a race. Most are Caucasian. Some are black. Some are Asian. Other than Mongoloid and Australoid, there are no others. This is the 10th thing that Alt-Right men need to know. The 9th is unmitigated bullshit.


Not so for all Jews. That I will concede. Some people can convert to Judaism. But there are also people who are ethnically Jewish.


Regardless of genetic similarities among large groups of Jews, Judaism is not a race. It is a religion. A Jew by conversion is just as Jewish as any other Jew. Ask a Rabbi.

Just because a hundred thousand or so people of Jewish faith may all be descended from four Jewish women does not create a race of people. It merely means that these people isolated themselves from marriages with other peoples.


Here’s my take on the right and the alt-right and what I got out of this post. Let me ask a simple question for any of you who care to answer: What have YOU done? Letters to Congress, phone calls, attending demonstrations, thoughts about running for office, actually running for office, attendance at Town Halls, community organizing, talking to neighbors, or anything else that is demonstrable action qualifies. There is a point when we are all just schmucks commenting on a forum, if we are not doing anything but talking. What are we actually doing?