9 Things Alt-Right Men Need to Know


It’s different Lou. The concept for us comes from the Talmud. It has to do with Jews being created in the image of God - it gets taken to extremes even by the non-Orthodox. I don’t buy into this shit but here is an example of the concept expressed by those who do firmly believe it. Please watch the entire thing. It’s only a few minutes.


But none the less, as different we may be in our beliefs, we are the same in actions.

And from another religion:
“Let us create man in our image, after our likeness” (Genesis 1:26). There it is. The very first thing the Bible tells us about the human person. Made in the image of god.

And the questions that arise when you think about it.
But what does it mean?
What is an “image”?
How can an invisible God have an image?
And why don’t the other creatures get to be images?


Man was so arrogant that he believed God should look like him.


I want to thank you for your candid and informative look inside your world and the Jewish world in general. I don’t want to agree with you about Muslims but as much as I want to treat individuals as such, I suspect that my bias is generally against the practitioner of Islam… mainly because Islam sees no difference between its personal faith and works and its government which is in a lot of ways very detrimental to our constitutional republic.

I’m sorry that you feel the need to hide your faith… Do you think that is because of the history… the legacy of the conduct of the orthodoxy or is it because of something else?

Anyway, I wanted to thank you for that… :+1:


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Hey genius…you ever lived in NYC? You bet every single one of these Hasid Jew bastards is on welfare. Do some research about these shyster fucks.


Love to see the proof or is it bloating opinion???


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I see from the comments you are one of those Jew worshipping conservatives. How far out in hickville do you live? You have never had to deal with real Jews before. They aren’t your friends.


You see nothing but my disdain for anyone like yourself who are less than civil.

My sister in law is Jewish and you would never know it.

And I live near a liberal as you may describe it, shithole cesspool city.


I’m gonna beat you guys to it because I already can tell by how much typing you are doing that you aren’t going to do a 2 second friggin google search.

Here have an appetizer on these Hasid fucks


Is your sister in law a Hasid? Those are the Jews I’m talking about. Those crazy orthodox idiots in all black with the women in wigs who fuck through a sheet and pop out welfare babies every 9 months.

Read the first article I shared. Kiryas Joel in NY had a 96 year old welfare machine who kicked the bucket with 2600 direct descendents.


Why don’t you read the entire thread before joining in with your pathetic hatred of Jews? He stated earlier that his sister-in-law is a non-practicing Jewish person.


Ummmm…Masculinity is evil. Femininity is good. Man destroys lives. Woman creates lives.



God creates man. Man creates woman. Woman creates Nietzsche. Nietzsche says man killed God. Feminism is good.


Oh? So being Jewish is something you can still be as an apostate?

Doesn’t that fly in the face of your “Jews are religion not a race” argument?

No one is 1/3 Methodist on their mother’s side


Not practicing one’s religion and being an apostate are not the same.

Not practicing one’s religion does not require renouncing it.

…and renouncing one’s religion (apostate) does not affect one’s race.

Correct. One is either a Methodist or not. It is purely by choice. I was born to Methodist parents…charter members of a Methodist Church.

I married a Baptist and joined the Baptist Church.

My race remains unchanged. It would have also remained unchanged had I chosen to covert to Judaism.


Smh. You know, but you’re stubborn