9 Things Alt-Right Men Need to Know


I do most of my activism through monthly donations to the following groups:

  • Planned Parenthood
  • Guttmacher Institute
  • Americans United for the Separation of Church and State
  • NOW
  • Pro Publica
  • Public Citizen
  • Compassion and Choices
  • Southern Poverty Law Center

I donate to causes, not candidates. IMHO, a donation to the Democrats is good money thrown down the business-as-usual well.

I’m considering donating to Freebird because I actually feel a little bad that so many people here don’t.


Kudos to you. At least you’re thinking about it. Bite the bullet and do it!


:menorah:Jewish people are literally the best and most oppressed people ever, because of the holocaust where so many millions of them were killed they feel like they have to help all other oppressed people in the world, no way they would ever hurt anyone!!! I think the writer is just a fashy bigot.


Why on earth would you pay good money to keep the Southern Poverty Law Center afloat? they do no one any good and discredit a lot of good people along the way… they are not objective and in fact, they spew the kind of things that the left will openly absorb as truth


What happened to your farting dollar sign?


I asked that it be removed. I’m not one to rattle the collection plate.

I do wish I could make all my donations anonymously. Then I’d not receive 80 to 100 solicitations weekly in my mailbox. I recently put up a larger box to accommodate the results of my name and address being shared with various other “non-profit” leeches.

Some of them send me money…quarters, nickles, dimes…occasionally a dollar bill. I keep the money. Some send me checks for $2.50 or so. I tear them in half. Some send me stamps. I keep them.

I cannot count the calendars I have stashed away. And the address stickers. And the printed cloth bags. And the felt blankets. And the car window decals.

I get calls frequently on my land line with requests for donations. I tell them to send me something in the USPS system. They say, “We can send you a receipt.” I say, “No, send me a solicitation for a donation. I will consider it.” They hang up. (They know that a conviction for mail fraud carries the likelihood of jail time.)

I also get frequent calls from ‘Joe’ or ‘Mary’, both of which always open with, “Hello. This is Mary on a recorded line. Can you hear me okay?” I never say, “Yes.”

Sometimes, I say, “I can hear you.” Then I waste several minutes of their time as they try to get me to say, “Yes.” Then they hang up.

Sometimes I say, “No, I cunt hear you. I have an infuction in my ear.”

Then they hang up.


I had thought of that as I am not fond of the way it is done but with respect to the forum, responses like the one @LEFTY gave would not exist at all without visually seeing that others have done it… I don’t see it so much tooting my horn because the patreon donation is nothing per month, it is a not so subtle message to those who come here on a regular basis that … this venue isn’t free.

By parents were very generous givers… Like you say… they had draws full of calendars and return address labels. I’m not quite as generous as they broadly speaking… Something has to really affect me to contribute in any big way. I have absolutely no time for telephone solicitation. I tell them once politely that I am not interested and after that the conversation gets rude quickly…


As Editor, I advise all writers about the possible consequences of going public. I use my real name. Others are in employment within academia (self-explanatory) or are in work that would be potentially threatened by leftists demanding their termination for wrong think. 2 workers in a vegan cake shop were recently fired for following company protocol about opening hours, to the unfortunate chagrin of a blacktivist.

What price your career when talking calmly about existential issues that must be talked about -from our broad conservative position- to preserve our cultures and societies? The opponents of our content do not want the preservation of our cultures and societies, it is a quiet socialist revolution, which has worked to such extent that businesses will bow to organized socialist mob rule. That said, several of our writers do publish under their real name. It is a choice for the individual to consider; and nor is it some subterfuge. The name Bunky Mortimer is now on his third iteration, and Theodore Dalrymple is a pseudonym also. Sometimes it is a stylistic choice to use a pen-name.

Additional points:

“Us” includes a variety of positions who have just as much right to speak as you do. You want to improve their arguments, make better arguments. Purity spiralling gets you a fringe movement of weirdos.

Republic Standard has no journalists “working” nor are any of us being paid at this time. We are citizens of numerous countries, who contribute to this magazine because we believe it is the right thing to do. You may disagree with us, but then you are also free to contribute to the site and tell us how wrong we all are. Critique is easy. Construction is hard.


I think this is a very good explanation. Everyone is always too offended by everything. Even people on the right who think that certain topics are not ok to talk about and that certain groups are above criticism. That’s how groupthink starts. We must make sure that doesn’t happen.


Isn’t the digital age wonderful.

You can hide behind the computer and hurl insults all day and not be held accountable as we see here.

The lack of face to face communications have hardened people so anything can fall out of their mouths.


I am quite sure that if truly free thought was permitted in public spheres the writers at Republic Standard would happily read their works aloud. While I have no doubt that many find us close to the line or even over it, I maintain the motto

we may be wrong, but at least we are not lying.


The problem isn’t free thought, speech but civil discourse.

Face to face people can converse, disagree without the nastiness that is fostered by the anonymous nature of the internet. Easy to hide behind a computer not so easy to be rude face to face.


I agree with you. But we should still call these little twerps out. Maybe even do a live video session. That would be fun. I would even like to do a meet up one day. People are always very nice to me in person. Might have something to do with my hobby as a competitive bodybuilder lol.


Considering the levels of disruption meted out to perceived “nazi” events and political actions I have to disagree at this “extreme” end of the conversation (which includes everyone from Christina Hoff Sommers and Peter Boghossian to actual white nationalists.)


This article was also analyzed recently by Frame Games and JF Gariepy. From 2:03.30


Worthy praise for a stellar article. I also applaud you guys for bringing on a female writer to provide commentary about male issues from her perspective. My fellow posters on this thread who are freaking out over #9 really need to calm down, re-read it, and think about the context.


We have published one female writer back in the early days but she went her own way after her first piece. I have actively been looking for female voices for the site for some time, and Sophie I hope will be both writing for us more and the vanguard of more women writers at Republic Standard.


Love it! Love it! Love it!

Do you know how many cluless guys out here in WV that I was able to get to vote for Trump? I probably got just as many if not more to donate to the campaign. I’m not afraid of being a woman and using that to help fix this country. If a tight pair of jeans, a flannel shirt, and a straw coyboy hat will get these guys to donate money and vote just because I would hang out with them at the local dive bar…then it was worth it and I’d do it again too. I promised to give my number out on election day to anyone who took a picture of their ballot for TRUMP! I can’t even count how many times I gave my number out. It’s that simple ladies.

(Just cause I gave my number out didn’t mean I did anything btw)


I’m going to vote for Trump again…can I just get than number now?


No…it only works if I know you wasn’t going to vote for Trump or if I knew you didn’t even pay attention to politics and wasn’t going to vote at all.