A Conspiracy .... Until It Isn't - Yet Again


For the longest time the conversation around various media companies is that they censor the ability of people to freely exchange idea and opinion… and just as predictably, as with the conspiracy about the globalist one world lot… it was all labeled conspiracy… until it wasn’t

The left like to presume themselves to be more astute and aware than their republican counterparts… but what if they are just buying into the narrative they have been spoon fed for years and years… Will this document cause people to stop and wonder just where their value system came from? Will it cause them to wonder if they are backing a very dark horse who is but using them? Sadly… that is unlikely… The day I read a document that explicitly labels free speech a ‘Utopian Narrative’ is the day I knew that my conspiracy fears were vindicated once again…

Do note in the document the comment about Breitbart… and tell me who is being hoodwinked and who isn’t.


To HELL with Google!
To HELL with Facebook!
To HELL with Twitter!
To HELL with Liberalism!



I agree with Silence DoGood:


Silence DoGood gman5 hours ago

I was always worried about Silicon Valley selling America out.

It appears they already have. Google, FB, and Twitter, to a certain extent, are menaces to society.

…and with Alti:


Alti Silence DoGood5 hours ago

I just hope it’s not too late for congress to do something. I’m very concerned these big tech companies are already working with democrats to steal elections in the midterms. If they take the house or senate, democrats will never agree to reign in their big tech pals.


Your worried that tech companies are working with democrats to steal the election… I’m far more worried that tech companies and democrats are working with China to steal the election.


The left, at that includes the communist and totalitarian states of China and Russia are afraid of the populist nationalist movement… They have been working quietly for years to achieve the goal of common rule and it is all unraveling before their eyes. People are starting to see that Clinton’s Agenda 21 pact with the UN wasn’t as benign as it has been advertised to be…


Liberals promote socialism. Socialism undermines individual freedom and the acquiring of personal property (except by the ruling elite and favored supporters).

It is no wonder that liberals (socialist/Marxist/communists) collude with other failed and failing nations to undermine unfettered elections in the US.

The collusion with the Russians in our 2016 elections was by the DNC, Hillary and others outside of the United States.

Had the bitch won the election, we’d never have learned the truth.


Big brothers at Google arent even trying to hide their intentions anymore. This is why people like James Damore was hastily fired, bc there are internal conspiring like this leaked one here going on.



True and as important as this is, the “Good Samaritan” aspects of this law are being tested by these companies. Blocking a political view and preventing free exchange information in the name of ‘any action voluntarily taken in good faith to restrict access to or availability of material that the provider or user considers to be obscene, lewd, lascivious, filthy, excessively violent, harassing, or otherwise objectionable, whether or not such material is constitutionally protected’… is stretching the definition. These companies enjoy great leeway in liability laws for both what they allow and what the themselves publish and crossing that line, in light of this law invites taking their company out of this laws protection.