A Couple Of Good Articles About Our Education 'System' In The US


One of course deals with ‘mandatory’ education laws that defy the very essence of a country who’s beliefs stem from ‘inalienable rights’. Of course, as seen by our abysmal education record with respect to the rest of the world since this laws of progressive do-goodary started being enacted in the middle of the last century. (So much has happened to our country in the last one hundred years… and a good lot of it has been bad)


While the last article calls for the abolishment of the many constraints against free flowing education and its use to control the minds and actions of its citizens, the next calls for a massive change in the way we see and fund our public monopoly education system… The article calls for what is called ‘Direct Instruction’… a proven method of instruction but one which schools are 1) not incentivized to use and 2) that goes against the real goals of the monopoly that is currently in place.


As one who traveled a lot during my education, being held back one year and being forced into remedial training before I could be passed to the next grade, I benefited from a system, long since gone, that prioritized my education over my age… but then again, the push for social engineering wasn’t nearly as prevalent then as it is now…