A Decent Assessment Of The Politics Of Our Budget.. And How We Fix It


President Trump then sent out a twitter post admonishing the election of more Republicans so that such increases in spending would be precluded. President Trump asserted that since the Senate rules require 60 votes for passage, and the GOP has only a 51-vote majority, the necessity to seek Democrat support hinders our fiscal responsibility.

My contention is that this has little to do with political party affiliation but rather a political philosophy that refuses to reign in government spending. Let’s not forget that it was some 150 days ago that the U.S. House of Representatives sent over all twelve Appropriations Bills to the Senate. Having more Republicans has nothing to do with simply doing your job. That is an issue of leadership. However, can we seriously equate, especially after last Friday, that the designation of Republican is synonymous with fiscal responsibility?

Weigh In @Montecresto1, I am sure you have some points to make here…