A doxing website created by a "conservative-transformed" black


A self-proclaimed “conservative” woman, Candace Owens aka “red pill black”, was trying to launch a website dedicated to doxing people and exposing their social media handles as well as their employers etc. She has been featured several platforms for her “anti-sjw” / “atni-bullying” work:

-Dave Rubin’s the Rubin report, titled “on Her Journey From Left to Right
-Stefan Molyneux

All in an effort to launch her website, socialautopsy.com; which at the time of this post is down bc of all of the backlash blowing up on her face. The premise of this website is for around to internet to gang together and build an online profile FOR YOU, compiling all the “mean things” you said on the interweb, with your phone number and place of employment posted also, if found. In more simpler terms, a site where people bully the internet bullies.

Another user on the internet looked into this whole ordeal and posted a video, which started the whole reaction / wake up call to the “conservative” net users. Beware of whom you trust.

Conservatives Are Wrong About Identity Politics

Thanks… I have listened to some of her videos… she makes a good case but of course liberals, as we all know are either part of or kindred spirits with… By All Means Necessary… Will study this woman some more…


What’s messed up about this is that there are countless left-wing sites that do the exact same thing to people. Where is all the backlash regarding them. If I go on Facebook and say that I support president Donald Trump all of my personal information could get thrown out there with the title “racist” next to it.


I know there is this one twitter acoount


that doxes people, can you provide examples?