A FreebirdTV test!


This is an old video from my old YouTube channel. It’s abut DMT, which is a most interesting experience, though not for the amateur psychonaut. It’s one of the few bits of video content I think I did well, so enjoy.


Braver man than me. I took a sociology course on South American native tribes in college and my professor had lived with these native tribes in the rain forest on and off for nearly 20 years. After the final she invited a small group of students to her home for a traditional native meal. She invited us into her kitchen and explained how everything was prepared. It was really interesting. At the end of the meal she invited us back into the kitchen for some ritual tea made from cassava root. She explained that it might provide a euphoric feeling and it could be a little overwhelming if you weren’t relaxed. Needless to say it was the craziest shit I have ever experienced in my life. Tribes apparently use it to have week long sex orgies where every man in the village must father every fertile woman.

I researched what it was…the strongest hallucinogen that you can make if you do it right. If you do it wrong it can kill you instantly.


Yup, mess up and your body will make just enough cyanide to murder you with. https://www.pyroenergen.com/articles08/cassava-cyanide-poisoning.htm


Too much risk and too little reward. I’ll just stick to having a few weekend beers in the comfort and privacy of my own home. A nice Scotch now and then is also a nice way to unwind. I see enough people on spirit molecules standing in subway every morning.


Different strokes for different folks, I definitely wouldn’t advise everyone go out and start grinding vines. I haven’t encountered the stuff in years, and don’t feel the need to hunt it out. Still, the reason why people do drugs is not because drugs are horrible experiences. DMT as far as I know is far “safer” than alcohol in that it is so ridiculously strong yet so ridiculously short-acting and resistant to addictive behavior that in most people, the experience is a positive one (often inhibited by SSRIs, curiously enough.) That said there are stories of people who go to the Amazon for Ayahuasca ceremonies and totally lose their cool, deciding to build giant pyramids in the jungle to signal the coming psychic awakening of mankind and such. On the other other other hand, there are zero cases of DMT leading to shot livers or wife-beating as far as I know.