A game for little kids! HOW TO KILL A LOT OF COPS


Man, young Kids should not be playing that GTA crap! Have you ever said that or heard it said and agreed? Well what are your kids playing? Oh! Nice, sweet, ROBLOX!

So next time you shake your head at another parent for buying their kids a game you consider violent, like Call of Duty, or Battlefield, look at your kids enjoying a good cop killing spree and ask yourself some questions.

The big question is, in real life what situation is more plausible? You see police every day in real life and they are not the enemy! They are guys trying to do a job like everyone else. But programming kids from an early age to kill cops is not a good thing.


Kids now are completely connected to devices at all times. It keeps them lazy and depressed. Once they are hooked toxic messages, images, and behaviors within the game rush in like a potent shot of heroin delivered in milliseconds. It’s done intentionally.


They make games where the point is to kill cops and no one bats an eye. Can you imagine if they replaced cops with Blacks, Hispanics, or Muslims. These games would vanish in an instant.


Truly a culture and a generation that’s been poisoned. There is an antidote.

I’ve cut way back on the games since I figured out it’s just another way to keep the goyim preoccupied and out of trouble.


This line of toys is how you keep your younger children away from those video games for a while longer… and some even hint at being educational…


GAMES! Monopoly! RISK! D&D!

Monopoly on a console is great because there is no mess to clean up and no cheating.

We have Scrabble, RISK, Monopoly and Trivia for the console. We have a game room and the entire family can play PC games together. Minecraft and the like but it was set up for RTS, flight and racing sim gaming initially.


Democratically approved !!


I honestly feel the issue was the repugnants. The dems, years ago… nevermind, that party is extinct.


As long as the dems give away taxpayer money to illegals and 4th generation welfare they will continue to get those votes . We hardly know the TRUE number of illegals in our Country I’m sure it is close to 24 million by now . How many of our schools are required to have a second teacher in the class room because most of the children will not learn the English language ? What is the cost to our communities caring for sick illegals with NO means of payment ?


Though I agree with you, how is that related to training kids to kill cops from a young age?


My wife just gave me Risk for Christmas since I lost most of the pieces over time. There is no better military strategy game although Axis and Allies comes close. Parents need to take a more active role in the entertainment of their children. I have many fond memories of playing cards and board games with my parents and grandparents. They took the time to sit down and participate.

Don’t get me wrong. I have no problem with video games. I actually have quite an extensive collection and consider myself a committed PC gamer/modder. But I know when to stop and what is appropriate for children and what isn’t. Children should not be playing games like GTA or Roblox Jailbreak and that starts with attentive and informed parenting.


Yeah! Back in the late 80s I played Avalon Hill Games with my father in law. No better board games. I was also into D&D and I have quite a bit of the older stuff including some Gygax manuals.

I was a rated gamer at one time. #1 Air Base Assault on Janes. Still I got little use for consoles because a mouse and keyboard are superior.


By continually breaking our laws and teaching children the police are out to get you because you broke the law fosters a hatred for ALL law enforcement . And the dems try to convince illegals they have a RIGHT to be in our Country and law enforcement is the bad guy here !


Thank you for a satisfactory and coherent explanation. I agree.