A Gentleman's Only Area


I’m not sure of this is possible or not, but is there any way that you guys could create a Gentleman’s Only area of the Lounge? I’m thinking a place for locker room talk, sharing some photos, and stuff like that. I think it should be locked down so not everyone could access it, but it would be nice to have a space to do that here and it would probably help to keep the other forum areas clean in the long run. Might as well do it now when the forum is starting out, as opposed to later when things are harder to migrate.

Just a thought.


I completely agree with this request. Having lived on forums for the past decade, I can tell you that this always happens and the forum quickly gets loaded up with junk and participation goes down the drain. So, if we have a space to post foul language and dirty pictures then I am sure the rest of the site will stay clean. It’s a pragmatic move. Do it.


I’m not opposed to this but can’t necessarily commit to this yet. This is a political forum, so having an area that would focus on that sort of content isn’t a priority…but keeping the forums clean over the long haul is. Let’s see what the rest of the group says. I will refrain from voting for the time being.


This needs to happen.


Will there be a Ladies Only area as well? If there will be them I will support this.


@Anna that is a great point and I agree. If this vote passes and is approved then there will be an area dedicated for male and female users.


I fully support this.


I don’t see a need for this.


Will Transgender be able to access both rooms?