A High Reward For Memorizing The Answers To 10 Questions!


“I am a U.S. citizen now,” Mendez said. “I wanted something more for myself, and I did it.”

Can we all be proud of this high achieving immigrant…?


Someone gives her a schorlarship to study at a local night school / ELD center. Jesus christ, at least be able to write your grandkids’ names on their birthday cake IN HER OWN LANGUAGE.


South-of-the-border squat monster wins citizenship even though she can’t read or write in ANY language!!!

Passes oral test, score 60%, 10 questions.

This is who is replacing you in your homelands.


I guess she did alright though… I mean when compared with Hillary… She couldn’t get elected and she knew the questions too…and she didn’t even have to memorize the answers… just invent halfway decent ones :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:


“I am a U.S. citizen now,” Mendez said …
Jackpot !!! Let them benefits flow , where’s the Obama cell phone need to call the rest of the clan and give them those 10 answers . I wonder how she will pay her rent in California it must be close to $2800 a month now , never mind I know the answer to that question !!! :wink:


Citizens in the Northern rural & central counties of California are speaking up in opposition of Sanctuary State Jurisdiction.
Last week, State of Jefferson announced they are joining the California Sheriffs Association and National Sheriffs Association in their call to Congress to “take action and pass sensible legislation that doesn’t hamstring law enforcement.”

The citizens of the twenty-one counties that encompass the State of Jefferson have long supported their county sheriff’s who have declared they will comply with federal immigration law, should Governor Brown sign SB-54. The Jefferson leadership has been outspoken about Brown and his administration putting the needs of illegal aliens (criminals) before that of the health and safety of American citizens.

They stated that SB 54 not only bars Sheriff’s and police from asking people about their immigration status or participation in most federal immigration enforcement activities, but also would largely prohibit school and security officers from using money or staff to investigate, question, hold or arrest people for immigration violations.

State of Jefferson also supports efforts by Congressman Tom McClintock ® California and others who are looking at ways to intervene, to include: that cities and counties within a Sanctuary State would be able to apply and be awarded federal grant monies. The Counties of Siskiyou and Tehama and cities of Anderson & Lincoln, have already adopted Resolutions declaring that they will comply with federal immigration laws.

Efforts continue by residents in many of the Northern rural counties, requesting their County Supervisors also take a stand, adopting similar Resolutions, and also officially support their County Sheriff’s who have taken a vow to uphold the laws of our United States Constitution.

Those of Jefferson are not alone in their opposition to Sanctuary counties, cities and state. In a recent University of California Berkeley poll, 74% of Californians opposed Sanctuary Jurisdiction.

"The passage of SB 54 is just another example of Brown and his cohorts ignoring the voice of the people, just as with the passage of the recent gas tax increase, along with the lack of representation that exists for rural residents in the California State Legislature, " said a Jefferson spokesperson. Adding, “it is time that Brown and his administration start respecting California citizens and law enforcement officers, who everyday risk their lives, doing their jobs diligently to protect their communities.”

More information about Citizens for Fair Representation’s lawsuit against CA Secretary of State Alex Padilla, for lack of representation and dilution of vote, is available by clicking on CFR on the SOJ51.org website. The case is currently being heard in the United States Federal District Court, Sacramento Division.


It’s good to know that not everyone in California is total batshit. I can’t imagine that the rural and suburban communities are supportive of sanctuary cities and counties. Just because the urban centers are concentrated with people that do doesn’t mean that they should get to dictate what everyone else in the state has to do.


You know what this means. EXTREME VETTING.

This story completely validates the point that Trump has consistently made about the need for more extreme vetting techniques within our immigration system.

These are not the brilliant immigrants that will be propelling the United States into the future. These are the people who will drain our resources and clash with our values as a society.

This idiot thinks passing some week test makes her an American. Nothing could be further from the truth. This is absolutely disgusting.


Thank you, Eric.
Keep watching and check out the SOJ51.org web site. We, unlike Calexit, who wants to secede from the United States, want to separate from the State of California and can do so under Article 4, Section 3 of the Constitution. Brown and the progressives in our State Legislature are not only the Party of Tax & Spend, but the Party of Lawlessness.


If you guys can pull it off I’ll move out there. Free yourselves from that cesspool!


Please make it a reality, so I have an excuse to move there. Tho this is tough, seeing how for Jefferson to happen, large chunks from two liberal states will be carved out, and there will be lots of resistance.


The only problem is that California or the part of California that continues to be the liberal sanctuary haven is to the US precisely what Germany was to Europe. Germany broke the European federal model by inviting immigrants into Germany… from their they went to greater Europe. Unless the sanctuary problem is dealt with and the southern border, particularly the section in and adjacent to California is secured, illegal immigration will continue unabated… and Jefferson USA will be one of the easiest destinations with hospitable climate.