A Little Bit About Myself


Here is a little bit about me.

I’ve lived all over the map and everywhere in-between from Montana, Michigan, South Dakota, Idaho, Kentucky, Wyoming, Texas, Alabama, New Jersey as well as Italy and Austria.

I’ve had many different jobs and career changes with a fair amount of achievements and regrets.

My interests range from general political topics to some of the murkier things like the presence of the Deep State, NWO activities, Shadow Governments, False Flags, Manufactured News, and everything related to extra-terrestrial theory.


Thanks for joining us @Zombie - you have a wide array of interests and we look forward to your posts! I think you have lived in more places than I have.


Yessssss! We need more topics like those!


Welcome to the forum!!!


You have some very interesting interests. Maybe you can shed some light on those topics for the uninitiated.