A military strike against North Korea


Apparently, you consider yourself to be much more of a critical thinker than the typical American is.

Some might consider that to be thinly veiled elitism.

(By the way, I would not wish to confuse critical-thinking skills with mere cynicism. The former, I heartily endorse; the latter, I have absolutely no use for.)

As for Eisenhower’s use of the term, “military-industrial complex,” I am not ridiculing Ike; rather, I am ridiculing those who cherry-pick his words, and who consider him to be their favorite Republican, precisely because of his words in this one regard.


With regard to USFP, (and particularly statecraft, CIA operations, covert and overt military ambitions) that could quite easily be true. It’s not the sexy subject that many people like to spend their time on.


There is a difference between critical thinking skills and unfounded opinion based on rainbows and unicorns…