A More Secure Forum


Hey everyone, I just wanted to let you know that I am beginning to work on encrypting everything on this site. What does that mean for your use day-to-day?

Well, nothing really right now in terms of functionality - other than if you go to your browser and add an “s” after the http of the URL then your connection to the site will be encrypted. You should only have to do this once and your browser will always default to using https.

You should also just be able to copy/paste this: https://freebird.is into your browser.

I also recommend using the Brave browser (read here for more info). Our community is an official verified Brave partner/publisher. Since we are on the Google shitlist and I am now personally banned for life from ever serving Google ads on any website - I fully support Brave’s way of allowing people to voluntarily contribute to websites that they support that don’t run advertisements (read here for how that works). It’s am interesting concept. Brave is just an all around excellent browser that does not track you or store your data. Can’t recommend it enough.

I’m also working on cleaning up and adding some more defined categories (yes @Scott - I know I’m behind) as well as some more interesting features - like an AI bot that can fetch useful political information and statistics on demand. It’s in it’s early stages right now. For example:

@discobot quote

You can mess with it here on this thread all you want. Stay tuned and stay active!


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I’ve said nothing… I know you are busy and you will get around to these many things when you can… I mean… its not my roof you are patching…:wink:


I know that! I’m my toughest critic. I just hate starting something and not finishing it.


Works for me. I’ve got the green lock icon now.


Nicely done. I had a blog once and I tried installing SSL and it just broke everything. Just downloaded Brave too.


Thanks for the hard work @Patriot!


@Patriot have you thought about creating a bitcoin address for the site?


You will get things done in your own time and in a way that pleases you. As far as I am concerned, I’m just happy for the forum and the fine job you do. :clap::thumbsup::ok_hand::v::slight_smile:


I have noticed an anomaly that would be of concern to your encryption features. I can come to the site using the HTTPS and it comes up secure but depending on which thread I go to, I can slip out of the the encrypted mode and once I do, I do not return to the secured mode again until I force myself back to the HTTPS address…

For example:
come to the site: https://freebird.is/ - works fine, secure connection is indicated in my browser

If I then go to the thread: "Time for another special prosecutor. The FBI couldn’t find their behind with both hands"
I stay in encryped mode and all is fine.

I can then go back to home and again everything is fine and this is the way it is with the vast majority of threads

but if I go to the thread:
“Just Breaking - Members of Congress and Staffers shot at Baseball practice” - I slip out of encrypted mode and cannot return to in unless I reload the site with my original bookmark link

This has also happened when I go to the “Fake News” thread

Both of these were started by me but others that were started by me work just fine…

Don’t know if I am clear but you can ask what you don’t understand.

It also happened with this thread:

Is Mental Competence the Only Factor?

Also I created a new thread "Yet More Insanity From The Social Justice Left"
as soon as I saved the thread it kicked me out of secure mode…


Thanks for the feedback @Scott - let me take a look at the logs. It might be a browser cache issue on your side or it could just be a DNS redirect issue. These records sometimes take 48 hours to take effect.



I am sending this message on the Brave browser. Thought I would give it a looksee… thought that since I was here I would give the encrypted link a test

I am experiencing the same problems with the same links on it as I did with opera.


Thanks @Scott I’ve got the day off today and have been working it. Always a challenge doing things on a live site. I have to rebake all of the 5000+ hyperlinks that the site has created and redirect them all to HTTPS - for whatever reason - a real pain in the butt. Usually I do this from the top level domain management (DNS records). I have to actually do all of this on the server that we are running on. Nothing is ever easy. I’ve done this a million times and this time of course has to be different :tired_face:

The good thing is, once it’s done…it’s done. The bad thing is it is really easy to screw up. It’s like docking a boat. Come in slow, look like a pro.


Poor Patriot… take a breath and do what I tell some of the more excitable people on this forum to do… Here, have a :doughnut: :innocent: now… back to work …


@Goteborg not a bad idea - I’d just have to figure out where to sticky it. Then again, who can afford Bitcoin now anyway?

Check out DGB:



I read this fella quite a bit… he is knowledgeable on a wide range of things. This is a rather detailed tirade on digital currencies…