A New Amendment to Repeal the Second Amendment


Of course legally…nothing, gun rights are themselves an amendment to our constitution. And the constitution has been so amended 27 times. So the short answer is yes of course.


But of coarse you know that is highly unlikely unless you perhaps change article V to some ridiculously low threshold… of course progressives have never considered the constitution a stumbling block… few of those 27 amendments have actually changed the character of the constitution but judicial deference, precedence and judicial activism have all but gutted the more significant barriers to federal power restraints…


Yep that’s it, the United States Democratic government wants to kill millions of its citizens.


Do you think if some shit like this went down the US military would actually comply? I don’t. Also, the US military can’t engage in operations against the civilian population by law. The National Guard can…but see my previous point.

Let’s say they did though - and I’m not talking bad about the military - but a bunch of redneck Vietnamese did some serious damage to the US military with old equipment. The Afghans also did some serious damage to the USSR and to modern US forces with limited tech. So yeah - if things went South there are more gun owners in the US than there are government forces - this includes all of the military and all federal law enforcement agencies. We have the numbers.


Their is of course, more than one way to skin a cat… it doesn’t have to be bloody or brutal… enforced mediocrity puts people into positions of helpless existence…

I just read this in fact… and you know its true because you yourself think American’s should relegate themselves to the rest of the world and redistribute our wealth accordingly…


Well first to be clear it’s not going to go down, but secondly yes, and it’s already happened in the past when citizens took up arms against their own government. First when George Washington was president.


But… sometimes, it doesn’t work out so well for the government. Gorilla warfare amongst your own people is difficult… you just can’t carpet bomb and napalm seems a bit excessive, particularly in an urban area. 300 million barrels against a couple of million… and unless the government is ready to install IFF on each and every citizen, they will be hard pressed to tell the goodies from the baddies…


Most people who serve in the military come from low income families. I don’t think that if the government ordered them to take down their own communities that they would follow the order. Most likely, the military would join the population and things would end very quickly.


That’s irrelevant. But you guys aren’t likely to see your fantasy materialize anyway.


How is that irrelevant? If someone orders you to basically kill your own people because “orders” how likely is it that another human being would follow along with that? It’s completely relevant.


Your the one who brought up armed insurrection… the 2nd amendment is the deternet to government over reach… and unarmed population is of little concequence… unless you consider pitchforks… I’ll stick with the .30-06…


Very likely as it’s happened on multiple occasions in America already.


As far as I can tell, Kent State was the last big display of government bravado… and it caught a pretty good amount of backlash, even among people who would have like to have seen every one of the demonstrators before a judge…


Battle of Blair Mountain, Little Rock 9, Bonus Army, Whiskey Rebellion to name a few. And this very egregious event.


I’m sure the cartel and gangs as well as the criminal elements will line up to turn in their weapons.


Who made you king no one. It’s the same stupid argument from the gun grabbers.Why don’t you go tell the criminals who have the illegal guns to abide by the law or give up their guns because they are the only ones who will have them if the gun grabbers had their way.What part of the 2nd Amendment SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED do you not understand.My rights come from GOD not the governement or anyone.


You don’t have any idea what you are talking about. The term “well regulated” means for a thing to be in good working order, and then there’s the pesky little phrase “The right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed”. You might want to consider what that means before you and your commie kind start a shooting war you can’t win. That and stop letting the media feed you.


Why don’t we just pass a law that makes crime illegal and then no one will need any guns! :wink: lol


Article 5. The states must do it and the congressional critters can only play a part.


NO fascist, I’ll use my three legal AK-47’s.