A New Amendment to Repeal the Second Amendment


How about the battle of Athens? Americans whipped the crooked governments asses.


Seems to me the light of day and a few determined men put a halt to Ried’s little China deal recently too…


That’s precisely why the democrats in general and progressives in particular are in a minority in governing this nation .image


I have a friend that lives in Illinois . In Illinois a firearms owner must have a state issued fire arms card to purchase fire arms or ammunition . He was forced to wait over a year to get his card without ever receiving a explanation for the delay !
If 72 hours is to little time what is too long to wait for the federal bureau of investigation to complete a digital background from their data base ? I have purchase firearms and have waited as long as ten to fifteen minutes while the sales person called in the information on my purchase ? Justice delayed is justice denied the same is true in regards to the second amendment .


You must be kidding the N.R.A is the premier source for safety training and handling of firearms !
Another good source for finding a firearms safety course that will be both effective, and will comply with your state’s firearm laws, is with the National Rifle Association. On NRAHQ.org, you can find a tool that will point you towards training courses in your area, allowing you to find the right resource for your own level of experience, and for satisfying any requirements you might need to complete in the process of buying a gun.
Their training courses can also ensure that you become proficient with your firearm, so that perhaps you can get more value out of buying a gun then mere defense, as you learn to target shoot and begin to enjoy it, which will also ensure that you are well-equipped to take care of your own weapon.https://gun.laws.com/gun-license/firearms-safety-course

The NRA website also provides a good resource for basic rules that should always be followed, and should be taught in any gun training course. These include such important tips as keeping the gun pointed in a safe direction, keeping your finger off the trigger until ready to shoot, keeping the gun unloaded until ready to use.https://gunsafetyrules.nra.org/