A new "Challenge"


How about a new challenge? The #dontbestoopidchallenge! Simple enough, ignore these stupid challenges and keep yourself safe from the stupid that seems to be flooding social media.


I had suggested a new challenge yesterday (on FlakeBook):

"With all the outrage, political posturing, handwringing and prayer requesting, perhaps a younger person (I’m an old fart, so no one would listen to me anyway) could start a movement.
We had the no fap; perhaps now we could have the no tap. No using your phone for anything but making phone calls and taking pictures. No texting, no FlakeBook, no Instabland, no Snapcrap- just talking with friends, just playing with friends just valuing and being valued by friends. Our young people are, for all their ‘connectedness’ isolated, and those who are isolated in that environment are painfully so. How about we care.


That would be awesome!


Anybody that eats a tide pod deserves the fate they get