A New Year for Freebird


No sweat… doubtless to say no one else saw it either…Its a personal bond one has with their elephant… I’m not particularly worried about it…


I’m just excited about the cake I got today!


Happy Birthday Man… I shot my wad on this forum so I’ll just say… have a :doughnut:


Thanks @Scott I’m on the road for work heading home. Currently in a motel in Toledo, OH just outside the airport. Here’s to hoping my birthday improves :beers:


Hey… I’ve been there… not Toledo but places like… Hastings Nebraska 30 years ago… bummer…


That sounds terrible and probably as cold as it is right now.


Hey @Patriot you should set up a PO Box and take cash donations. No reason to get screwed on taxes.


Happy Cake Day Carl!


Happy new year ! Great job !!


All this is great news, still learning what all is available here. I do find it ironic we have to operate out of Iceland for true freedom of speech.


I agree. Believe it or not a lot of sites committed to free speech have had to start going off shore to maintain privacy of user data. Iceland has the strongest data privacy laws on Earth. Which makes hosting in Iceland a premium service.

Hosting companies in Iceland also doesn’t react quite like US hosting companies do when people complain about content they find offensive (which can now be anything). In Iceland, a judge has to make the determination if something should be taken down. The law makes free speech and expression paramount and the judges in most cases rule in favor of free speech regardless if someone finds it offensive.

Before the move, I received a lot of complaints to my web hosts for offensive content. When I refused to take posts down the site would get Denial of Service attacks. Since moving to Iceland I’ve received zero complaints and zero attacks.

Before the move, we had been ranked by Google on Page 1 of political forums. When I wouldn’t censor content our page ranking vanished. Google doesn’t like us very much, which makes our community hard to find. It’s all word of mouth now - and some lucky searches.


I got an email invite from you, whether it was random or to me does not matter, glad I got it!


If you were a member at one point or another of Political Bullpen, Political Buddies, Political Debate Forums, or Right Side News you probably got an email :sunglasses: