About stores not selling firearms to those under 21


So the store can decided who it sell to.

Next! If you look fat no cookies, soft-drinks, whole milk or beer at Food Lion!

No sugary or extra starchy items for black people because they have a higher diabetes rate!

No pork for men because they have a higher heart disease rate!

And clothing? JC penny, no sexy clothing for females under 30 because of the single mother issues…

We have opened the BOX


Of course that is how it should have always been. The progressive left quietly took private business out of the discourse over morality and values in 1964 and now, on their own term they are trying to bring it back while holding those places they don’t agree with to the law.

The popular story of the left is that democrats of the south swapped to the Republican party strictly because they were nothing more than racists. Lester Maddox closed his restaurant on principle that he should have the right to hire and serve who he wished (he had employed blacks for many years) He even built a monument to “private property rights” near the restaurant when he sold it. He always contended his issue was about property rights and the right of a business to hire those who best served the business interest, and create products to serve the people the business was created for.

More people should pushback against this slight of hand that the left are using to once again, control the narrative and push their relative values system.



Sounds a bit dramatic Tek???


But it is where we are headed, a little at a time.


America is dying a death by a thousand cuts for some time now. You should know that Trump will likely find much support amongst LP’s for his no due process gun grabbing suggestions.


I’ve asked you several times… would you please stop with assuming that everyone knows what your acronyms are… Its not what I would call … polite.


The stores apparently can decide who to sell to however they cannot decide not to sell a cake to a person.


Unless they are Muslim! If they are Muslim they do not have to make the cake.


I think that there are a lot of Americans, liberal progressives and so called conservatives alike that think the country is going in the wrong direction. What’s funny is that you’ll see a poll that shows 50 or 60% of Americans that think the country is going in the wrong direction but I’m sure there’s many directions in those views. In one regard one thinks it’s the wrong direction but another thinks it’s the right direction. Polarization has become a real and present danger for us all.


And you add to it with every name calling session, think about it.


Actually that stuff is bad for your health. :wink:


And that, I’ve seen you quote scripture before, you should know that pork is biblically unclean.


Everything is clean. New Testament.


That’s not true. Long after Jesus was gone the disciples were still following the dietary laws, and teaching them. And Jesus never told anybody that they could eat unclean food.


You are Way off the subject. Its Dicks decision as to what they want or not want.to sell. They can pull all firearms off the shelves if they want to.
As much as I disagree with the decision and bowing to PC and not wanting screaming and yelling protesters outside the store, they are within their rights.
Dicks customers are within their rights to to buy from their competitors. There isn’t much of a chance this will affect Dicks alot.


True, on both counts…