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I haven’t had healthcare insurance for three years my choice and I survived outside of the IRS stealing my refund but that MANDATE is gone so I do thank them for getting rid of that UNCONSTITUTIONAL so called LAW. I have a healthcare discount card and it has worked very well for me it’s $25.00 a month and covers everything concerning health and if I choose to get health insurance I can still use it as a buffer I like it because I can go to any doctor I want to and I don’t need permission from my primary doctor so I may just stick with it.I’am healthy I don’t go running to the doctor for every little sniffle I get and I don’t run to the emergency room because I don’t have insurance that is what drives our cost up.But I’am for FULL REPEAL the government can’t do anything right and they have their grubby hands in every part of our lives where they don’t belong they have two Jobs protect this nation and us and keep commerce moving THAT IS IT.I don’t think we’ll ever get back to our Constitution that has been shredded but keep praying we get a whole lot closer to it.I put my faith in GOD not people or the government and thankful HE IS IN CONTROL. Thanks for letting me have my say much appreciated.