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New Members - please start here and introduce yourself to the community! It helps you to learn how we do things and us to learn who you are! Also for returning members.


New member CHP7747 Decoded… CHP = Calif Highway Patrol 7747 that was my ID (badge) number Had a 30 yr, 7 month career as an Officer–Never promoted (politics all wrong for me), Never had an office job.


Hello everyone,
My name is Harold, I use my Email User ID: maineparsleys. I am a Retired Army MSG 26 Year Veteran. My Politics are that of an unabashed Constitution Conservative, Patriot, and God Loving Christian, Thank you very much, glad to have this forum.


:us::sunglasses: Hello Fellow American Patriots ty for the add


Hello im living in thailand




Name REM I am older than dirt. First hand knowledge of the 40s and 50s.
Starting with Obama adm is first time I have become really concerned about this
great wonderful country of the USA. Tired of being called racist for disagreeing with the Dimms/. What has become of the Dem Party is so sad. The total bias
of the MSM (always been that way but nothing like current) is depressing.
I hope fellow members can provide me some optimism for the future of this
unbelievable country. God Bless


Welcome to the club old timer…most here feel the same way…


Kicked out of Argentina were you? …must have been bad!



Hello, I am retired and a refugee. I used to be an engineer working in tech.

I can’t believe that there are only 8 people registered in this forum. Perhaps (nearly like me) they can’t arsed to formally say ‘hello’.


This was the about section not meant for replies. This forum has 1.2k members and 100k posts as of this morning.



Hi Guys, I’m Rob joined here along with a few from another forum.
I have only recently discovered these places exist :slight_smile: so learning the workings slowing, hence I am likely to make some stupid errors with posting etiquette, in fact have already.
I endeavour to improve !


You and I are in the same boat. This is my first forum. Took me a week or two to figure things out but I’m pretty much good to go now…welcome aboard…:vulcan_salute:


You should start a new topic in the new members section to introduce yourself though. You will attract a lot more friends…


Have done thanks. :+1:
Just a brief hello


Hey all. Thought I should introduce myself. Some other people who migrated over from another forum sent me a shout out to check this one. I like what I’m seeing so far. Freedom of speech (within reason) is hard to come by. I’m looking forward to being a part of this site for a while. About me? I’m closing in on 40, becoming more judgemental and cynical towards my government, and hoping that the meme of making it rich from the comfort of my bed (via trading) pans out. If not, meh, at least I’ll have some fun in the process. :slight_smile: