Above the Belt


Hey everyone, I’ve received a ton of forum flags over the past week or so. Usually, I just let things cool down. If a post is not flagged by 3 separate users - I take no action. That model has worked well in the past to keep moderation from screwing up discussion and the forum in general. I don’t plan on changing that model. It takes 3 flags for me to do something. I just ask that everyone keep their shots above the belt. I have no plans on making this forum a safe space. Everyone is free to post what they want, from the sources they want, whenever they want. Everyone is also free to praise or rip apart anything that gets posted by anyone. This scares a lot of new users away, but this forum does not exist to protect everyone’s feelings. It exists to provide a venue for people to speak freely without fear of censorship. That’s why I built this place and why I take limited moderation so seriously. I’m fine with fighting and the inevitable war of words, let’s just keep things above the belt.



I think of freebird as an adult version of /pol/ which is why most people can’t handle it. That shouldn’t change. I do think though that the lefties are more likely to flag something in an attempt to shut down discussion, since they like to fight in packs. If it looks like they are starting to gang up and flag posts then that should not be tolerated either. My two cents.


I’m aware of that tactic. It happens on occasion and I know which flags to selectively defer.

To your point about /pol/ - our rules are absolutely no different than their rules.

  • Debate and discussion related to politics and current events is welcome.
  • You are free to speak your mind, but do not attack other users. You may challenge one another, but keep it civil!
  • Posting pornography is not permitted. This is a politics board, not a porn board.


The /pol/ attack rule is lightly enforced.


That’s true. Just as the attack rule here is lightly enforced. I don’t temp ban or permanently ban based on one-off’s. I need to see a consistent pattern on flagged posts and then I issue a warning. What comes after the warning is ban territory, but that is rare (only been done once). That’s actually much less strict than 4chan /pol/ and about as strict as 8chan /pol/. I know this because I have been a /pol/ mod in the past. I’m not asking for too much.


As long as there are not double standards I don’t have an issue.


That’s good. There aren’t double standards.

The attack rule that I described above applies to everyone. I do not deviate from the process.


I guess the demons are coming out of the sewer. Literal vampire potbelly goblins are hobbling around coming after us. We’re turning into a bunch of self-centered walking dead trash and we’re such zombies, we’re such self-centered crap that we don’t even notice hell itself rising up against us. My very spirit is just absolutely ready at every level. We’re under attack people. Where is the animating contest of liberty? Where is the spirit lifted up against these people!


I’ll take that under advisement.


SteveSPHR must be back.


You guys are a tough crowd. Thanks @Patriot for all of the shit you put up with here.


That would be a most welcome surprise. There was a rumor that some of the rough and tough conservatives here couldn’t handle getting outsmarted so frequently by a politically savvy progressive. I guess some needed to make this space a little safer for themselves and used the flags to do it.

Now about those glass houses…


That’s not what happened. No one gamed the system in some sort of elaborate plot. As the administrator here, I will not publicly discuss my actions against another user. In the end, the rules were followed and a tremendous amount of latitude was provided before any action was taken. I afford the same latitude to everyone here. You know me from other forums and you know how I operate.


I say bring him on… while I hardly ever agreed with him, at least he could hold a conversation… the only one here of interest doesn’t seem to have the moxie to respond to me… actually I just think he is really conflicted about his thoughts about being an ‘independent’ because he never seems to defend the middle ground (not that I think that splitting the difference between the authoritarian left and the authoritarian right is actually the middle ground). The left have no ammunition… only diversion. Never will they actually dissect a problem from its roots and try to fix the problem…and they are absolutely ashamed of their own history. progressivism doesn’t work that way.


I never really agreed with Steve, but he did always try to argue which was fun. Is this turning into a let Steve back on discussion?


Nooh !.. He was also really obnoxious and besides he regularly pushed Obama’s political organization…:grin:


I would say bring steve back instead of his mini-me John (not saying they arent the same person).


Name calling and personal attacks require three flags, from three different people I’m assuming you mean??? Because debating with people who resort to personal attacks and name calling is to debate without civility and really isn’t inviting. I suppose you can require civility, or the uncivil can just be ignored.