ACLU: The Word 'America' is Exclusionary to Illegal Immigrants


Because the world is now beyond parody, the American Civil Liberties Union is now complaining about people saying the word America.

Specifically, it is bad to say the word America at the State of the Union address where the President of the United States of America talks to Americans about America.

Faiz Shakir, national political director at the American Civil Liberties Union, issued the following statement after President Trump’s first State of the Union address:

“Tonight, President Trump said the word ‘America’ more than 80 times in his speech. Yet, after a divisive first year, we hear and feel how exclusionary that ‘America’ is, with policies that have harmed so many vulnerable American communities. The ACLU stands ready to protect these communities, both in the courts and at the polls.

“In particular, the immigration plan put forth by Trump would hold Dreamers hostage to his demands for a harmful border wall and an even larger mass deportation force. We are at this crossroads because of the president’s deeply destructive ideas fomented by his nativist allies and divisive rhetoric. We will continue to stand up for these young immigrants and ensure they continue to contribute to our country. We cannot let America’s Dreamers [illegal immigants] be deported.”

The entire debate about exclusive/inclusive words and behaviors boils down to this. Illegal aliens want to get free stuff from you, and if you don't give it to them- you are bad and probably a racist.

Indeed, a border wall would be harmful to the people breaking the law to enter the country illegally. Deporting people who have broken the law by entering your country illegally might well harm them in the sense that they have to go back to their own country and that country might make them get a job. Luckily, Mr. Trump has set out a clear path for people to become citizens.

"These four pillars represent a down-the-middle compromise and one that will create a safe, modern, and lawful immigration system. For over 30 years, Washington has tried and failed to solve this problem. This Congress can be the one that finally makes it happen.
"Most importantly, these four pillars will produce legislation that fulfills my ironclad pledge to only sign a bill that puts America first. So let us come together, set politics aside, and finally get the job done."

Remember, the ACLU is not what it appears to be. According to their website, the ACLU is a force for good.

The ACLU is our nation's guardian of liberty, working daily in courts, legislatures and communities to defend and preserve the individual rights and liberties that the Constitution and laws of the United States guarantee everyone in this country.

Ah, the constitution! Yes! America! That's right. Nothing that protects the constitution could be bad. Except for one thing- the ACLU's founder Roger Baldwin had a slightly different idea of what the ACLU was for.

I am for socialism, disarmament, and, ultimately, for abolishing the state itself... I seek the social ownership of property, the abolition of the propertied class, and the sole control of those who produce wealth. Communism is the goal.

Imagine. My. Shock. Sure, you might say that there has been a lot of water under the bridge since the 1920s, but are we really supposed to swallow that the ACLU pivoted from Communist revolutionaries to constitutional protectors, despite all evidence? We talk about the influence of Neo-Marxist thought on the Western World a lot on this site- with good reason. We would rather not have to do so.

ACLU: The Word 'America' is Exclusionary to Illegal Immigrants

According to his bio on the ACLU website:

Faiz Shakir joined the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) in January 2017. As National Political Director, he oversees the ACLU’s National Political Advocacy Department, which houses the organization’s Washington Legislative Office and State Advocacy and Policy departments. In his role, Shakir develops and implements strategies to advance the organization’s priorities at the federal and state levels.

Prior to joining the ACLU, Shakir worked as one of the most senior advisers to former Senate Democratic Leader Harry Reid. He directed policy and communications work for Senator Reid while also coordinating with Democratic members and staffs, key interest groups, and press to organize issue campaigns. Prior to that, Shakir served as Senior Adviser and Director of Digital Media for House Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi, helping wage key fights on behalf of the LGBT and Muslim American communities.

Faiz was a founding member and editor-in-chief of Think Progress. He led a major campaign to take on Islamophobia which featured the production of a report titled "Fear, Inc."

What a guy. I can't imagine why he would come out in opposition to President Trump.

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The ACLU statement conveniently leaves off the word ‘America’ when it states 'the Constitution and laws of the United States’…

Of course Jake Tapper of CNN is most succinct about where the democratic party stands on this issue:


Ha! I literally just replied to you on the other thread with this link. Lets go get drunk.


I hope that President Trump and all Americans get the message: when foreigners make demands this is what happens.


If you cross into Mexico illegally you go to jail for an undetermined timeframe.

If you work in Mexico without government permission, you go to jail for an undetermined timeframe.

And Mexico says we treat their citizens in the US unfairly.

” how offensive it was to Democrats for him to state that “Americans are DREAMers, too.”
I still have yet to find why it is offensive to Democrats.
Said over and over as it repeating it makes it true.


As I said to @Scott on the other thread, I’m pretty sure that when you hear ‘Democrat’ coming out of the mouth of a liberal (accompanied by some demand for special treatment) you can just read ‘illegal immigrant’. You cannot offend a political party. That’s insane.


At the core of the Democrat party, any disagreement with the party line is offensive to the party members, liberals/progressives.


It’s a shame he doesn’t specifically address which policies “harmed” unnamed vulnerable communities. I’d like to know which communities he’s referring to since African American employment and Hispanic American employment are both at record level highs. The stock market is booming and more Americans from all demographic segments are headed back to work. I’m not seeing the harm anywhere.


This all connects right back to Soros. The ACLU receives most of it’s money through foundations. One of the ACLU’s largest donors is the Open Society Foundation which is funded by Soros. The ACLU are nothing but anti-American globalist pawns who should lose their status as a non-partisan non-profit.


I hope the Democrats campaign on this.


The USA is exclusionary to “Legal Immigrants” Legal Immigrants came here for various reasons assimilated into our society and for the most part , helped to make America better without asking for taxpayers handouts.
How much money does Legal and illegal Mexicans send to their families in Mexico.


I for one am glad that saying the abbreviated name of our country makes foreigners feel excluded. It was a speech about America, for America, given by the American president. None of it is applicable to them…other than us wanting them to be lawfully deported.


I know who you’re talking about, but I am a foreigner, too.


Yeah but we have a special relationship… :wink:


Sure, once we expunge the communists and deny neoliberals the vote


The convoluted circle jerk of fake virtue signalling the ACLU has become is so well represented in the Onion:


Next thing you know, the ACLU will be representing liberals wanting to ban these phrases:


I can say from experience working within the bounds of inclusive only words is a pain in the fucking ass. This is an odd one but I’m sure if I brought it up to a few friends I’d receive a nice temp ban and a talking to.


It would read better if it said:
ACLU defends Antifa’s right to burn down ACLU headquarters.