Actions you can take to support immigrants

The best antidote to feeling helplessly hopeless is taking action.

This thread is not about discussing immigration policies and abuses.

It is to share ideas we have or have heard about that focus on helping immigrants whether they be the children and families currently being wrongly incarcerated or general support for immigrant communities of color now under dangerous attack by this administration and its supporters.


Sending them home would be the best solution.

With so many people from foreign countries fleeing how will they ever improve their countries.

When do thy go home?


SENT THEM BACK !!! :roll_eyes:

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I though you nitwits were running off to Canada because the president won the election , NOW GO ! :laughing::laughing::laughing::laughing::laughing::laughing::laughing::laughing:

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Hear is a solution ………

Do you remember reading , 120 government agents swoop down on a remote community in Arizona. By the time they are done, 36 fathers will be arrested, and 86 women and 263 children, many of them crying, and scared to death were herded onto buses and shipped hundreds of miles away, where some of the children separated from their families and placed in foster care.
This was not a scene along the U.S. border with Mexico in 2018. It happened in 1953, in a place called Short Creek, on the Arizona-Utah border, during an attempt to crack down on polygamy.

I would say the best thing we do is telling our representatives to follow US law with regards to refugees/asylum seekers.

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The Comfort Campaign : Help Detained Children

Southwest Key Programs runs 27 nonprofit immigrant youth centers with 5,000 kids at any time. We asked how we could help. Here was their request:

Send each child a handwritten letter of comfort and welcome, along with a teddy bear. Children’s artwork especially appreciated.

Even the oldest teens in the shelter still love having something soft to snuggle and pictures to hang by their beds.

Send letters (in English or Spanish) and/or teddy bears by July 4th to:
Operation Comfort
4470 W. Sunset Blvd
Box #217
Los Angeles, CA 90027

Long term plan: Change policy.
Short term plan: Love.

I’m not sure why there is a July 4th date for this but I am going to draw pictures on card stock and laminate them with clear contact paper. I don’t know the conditions so think something small and durable is best. Teddy bears are nice but my niece went absolutely wild for a little hot pink big eyed stuffed character and I will look for something like this to send.

If you’re in the LA area:


I love this! Thank you for sharing something so positive. It will make the racist Nazi trolls angry I’m sure but we have to keep our chins up.



I am putting in a link to the ACLU website. It gives you the option of supporting the ACLU, of course, but also has links to actions you can take such as contacting members of Congress, signing petitions, and also to a list of organizations that work on the borders that you can donate to through ActBlue Charities.

The International Rescue Committee is also a credible refugee support organization (for transparency, not that I worked for them for 2 years in the 1980’s) founded initially to help with getting Jews out of Europe in the run-up to WWII.


Protests on the 30th:

And if you live near an ICE facility, you can see about doing what protesters in Portland did and blockade the site until it’s shut down:

If not, donations to RAICES (Refugee and Immigrant Center for Education and Legal Services) is a first line to go to. They had been providing legal aid to refugees and asylum seekers until cut off from government funding by Trump, and now are running off donations to keep going. Otherwise, children are basically made to represent themselves in immigration court, which basically means adults laughing at and mocking small children until they are deported alone to die somewhere.


I love comparing the comments from the left with those from the right. Their hate and racism is just disgusting. We come together to make things happen. They divide and spread hate.

LOL - the IRC uses a photo of the same woman and child Time used- and both ignored that she left her husband and two other kids to come to the US to get more money. The family isn’t poor, but she knows where soft headed liberals will shower her with freebies at taxpayer expense. She is not a refugee, she is an economic migrant.
Crying Border Baby Was Never Separated from Mother Who Is No Refugee

So you post a link to another thread that links to a fake news article. So predictable.

You have evidence it’s fake? Please provide a link.

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Apparently your a bit behind on reading.

Time admitted it was fake.

I saw this morning that Trump posed with a group of people who were wearing t-shirts with the family members killed by immigrants, maybe we could get people to post photos with family members saved by immigrant doctors.

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Start here ……………….phony a$$


I only support LEGAL IMMIGRATION!!! If that makes me a racist, I don’t give a flying fk in a rain storm. For far too long my taxes the government confiscates from me has supported these people with no Legal Right to be here.
The LEFTISTS would rather take care of them than to go to West Va. Or Kentucky to help AMERICANS that would APPRECIATE help. :dragon_face:

Send them back to their home country, with legal paperworks and instruction on how to apply for the US citizenship. Our family waited for 10 years, so they should respect the process as well.