Actor Bambadjan Bamba comes out as an Illegal Alien and Must be Deported


Motivated by the Trump administration’s efforts to rescind the Deferrred Action for Childhood Arrivals program, known as DACA, the Obama-era policy that protects the children of immigrants who didn’t enter the country legally, the “Grey’s Anatomy,” “Suicide Squad” and “Black Panther” actor is breaking his silence.

“Immigrants are not criminals,” said Bamba, 35. “We’re not here to take away your jobs. We’re here to give back. We’re not just Mexicans or Latino. We’re black, too. We’re from the Middle East, from Asia, too. We’re your neighbors, your doctors, the teachers of your children, and sometimes we’re on TV in your home, characters that you love. We’re just one of you.

“The only difference is [that you have] a certain piece of paper that’s supposed to allow you to navigate freely in the country.”

This illegal was illegally paid by American film companies in Hollywood. ICE should use this “reveal” to round him up, deport him, and then go after any Hollywood company who hired him illegally and paid him. We know that some DACA parasites have gotten tossed even though they think they still have time. We need to move on this. I’m sure ICE would love to toss out an illegal as prominent as this.

Don’t expect other people to report him. If you can report him. Do it. Remove him.


Tired old trick to confuse aliens with immigrants. Aliens are criminals moron. Wasn’t going to watch Black Panther anyway, but surely will boycott it now just to make the point crystal clear


Who is this and why should I care?

Black Panther

Lmao, was that movie diverse bc it has an all-black cast?


Bamba had 8 years of Obama to work the corrupted system and get himself legalized. He decided not to. Time for him to pack his shit and be escorted out. He is not welcome here.


Never happen he is black !