Again/Still Trump refuses to implement Russian Sanctions


Rhetorical Question, Why is the president refusing to implement congressional law


If congress passed a law saying I could shoot you in the foot and I choose not to do it. Is it wrong?


Tek, you don’t want to shoot me in the foot!


What purpose would it serve? You are your own person and we agree about as much as we disagree.


The State Department spokesperson says there’s no need to impose more sanctions because just the threat to do so is working, and yet…



They want to secure more funding and they are in CYA mode as well.

What purpose would sanctions serve from the US? With Russia they do more harm than good. Russia does not need the Us like China does.


The problem here seems to be a mental disconnect with reality… The Russians have been involved with American elections since WWII. After the collapse of the Soviet Union some people took their eyes off the ball and declared Russia… ‘In from the cold’… They have not changed and their goals and intent have not faltered. The Central Committee and their efforts via ComIntern and various party organizations like Communist Party USA and SACP in South Africa have morphed to make themselves look different but make no mistake, they are and have continually interfered in not only our elections but in business and education and academia and… and … and…


They don’t ‘need’ use… that much is true… but the do have strong motives for our political and societal demise…


A VERY bipartisan congress answered that last year when they passed the measure!!


I got a question… I know you won’t answer because you are really to… unprepared to engage with me. But if ‘Both’ parties are the problem and are leading us down the primrose path as you have said on so many occasions, why is it when it is something that you appear to support, is by partisan good? Particularly when it has every thing to do with USFP that you seem to disdain so much?


Russia on my mind .:laughing::laughing::laughing::laughing:


The sanctions were in response to Russian meddling in US elections.

Has meddling actually been proved?

What effect did it have on our elections?

What purpose does to serve?

How can relations be served with more sanctions?

As a side note, Obama tried to sway the BREXIT vote, should the UK add sanction against the US for his attempt?Should all countries levy sanctions against the US for meddling in their politics and elections ?


What does that mean? And who is in CYA mode, the entire congress??



They want to put the blame anywhere but on the intelligence community. They will do anything to cover up the fact that they were spying on citizens and they want people to forget the NSA was spying (think Snowden).

If there were any collusion going back any amount of time the NSA would have the evidence but nothing has been presented. Wonder what they have on Hillary!

Do you see where I am going with this? Red Herring.


Yes, I know WHAT CYA is, I was asking who exactly, who is in that mode?


The intelligence community and they have been for a while. Put it all off on Russia but the MEMO may change some things. Deep state thinks they know best.


You guys keep saying that. But can you point me to a single instance when Mueller and his team have given a presser and disclosed the fruits of 7-8 months of work?? You don’t know what Mueller has is the point. He’s been very effective in controlling any leaks from his office.


I see, I thought you were referring to the whole of Congress. Sessions, Wray, Mc Cabe, Mueller, Comey, Rosenstein, etc., all Republicans. :wink:


Congress is another issue entirely. I look at some of the stupidity of many representatives and realize how effin stupid people are.


Ok, but you realize that congress voted nearly to a person in both houses to slap punitive sanctions on Russia for interfering in our elections and Trump refuses to implement them. Given the circumstances as they are, the fact that Trump wore out his welcome with American banks 15 odd years ago and has been receiving credit from the Russians, can you honestly not see the glaring problem here in his refusal to implement these sanctions??? And he has no desire in blocking sanctions on North Korea or Iran in an interest to improve relations.