Again/Still Trump refuses to implement Russian Sanctions


And, again, what does it serve? It is a token statement that will accomplish what?


Well, if you’d go back and read what congress said at the time you’d know the answer to that. But in a nutshell, they wish to make it too painful for Russia to want to interfere again. I would think there would be no argument from the American public on this (as there was none amongst congress) but partisanship seems to be impenetrable.


Read your own articles…a law that ALLOWS the president to do so. That means the president has a choice.

You should be thankful that you have found such a wonderful place that lets you post this misinformation. While the first reaction of leftists would be to report somebody like you and have him banned, I welcome people like you here.

We need village idiots to act as clowns and provide some entertainment. In medieval times we probably would have locked you in the stocks, threw some foul vegetables at you while some lame crosseyed halfwit ogre had his way with you.

But I think we can also have fun with you in modern times


Yet the question remains, did the interfere? No more than we interfere.


Yes, I read it. Why won’t he implement it???


What does it serve? What would it accomplish?


Another answer you’d find if you’d go back and read what congress said at the time. And yes, not only has the United States interfered, we’ve toppled governments outright, we’ve incited wars, bombed civilian targets, etc., etc., when might makes right and no one else has the ability to force the US to behave it’s a bit difficult.


Did they interfere? No! They did do many things but not one thing was changed.


Why don’t you call him and ask him?

As someone who voted for the President, I want to see us have a better relationship with Russia. I guess he’s just doing what I want.

Why did Obama lift sanctions on Iran? Tell me why. Right now.


Democrats are fond of terrorist , something Obama taught them in the last 8 years . Hell he gave them $150,000,000,000 to boot !


Oh so true !!! :laughing::laughing::laughing::laughing::laughing::laughing::laughing:


You’re saying that the Russians didn’t interfere in our election???


So you want better relations with Russia but not with Iran. The decision to lift Iranian sanctions is something that Russia, your new communist state friend wanted done. Don’t you want to please Russia and have better relations with them? Laugh my ass off. Total horseshit, you don’t give a damn about Russia, it’s your obsession with the fat TIC who could murder someone on fifth ave in broad daylight and you’d still be his water boy, HE SAID SO.

By the way, Russia, China, the UK, France and Germany all wanted Iranian sanctions lifted. :wink:


Because he guides US foreign policy and has made the determination that it wouldn’t be helpful at this time… But of course I am sure you see it as his collaboration with Russia… a payback for the election. I wonder why the left objects to scuttling the Iran deal and establishing painful sanctions… I mean the Iran deal will do little more than create the same problem we have with NKorea in a few years time … Shrug…


I’m sure that both Russia and China have had good trade meeting with Iran and Germany and France have been known to do side deals as well… Like with Yemen…


Both congress and the senate deliberated this and all of your questions are in fact answered, you can look that up. You are excusing Trumps unwillingness to implement the sanctions but you’d be raising hell if a near unanimous vote came out of both houses of Congress that Obama refused to implement, particularly so if Obama’s ass was being investigated for ethical violations with Russia.


So… because of an unproven bunch of allegations appearance dreamed up by friends and neighbors of the Democratic party, the duly elected president has his hands tied in dealing with one of the more significant country’s in USFP… if they got something lets see it, but hamstringing this president on a wish and a hope is BS…


Shoot me his number in a pm.


Where would we be without Snowden who exposed that our government spies on it’s citizens. The media, congress has done a wonderful job telling people it’s for our own good.

Now the fun part where the unmasking was clearly illegal in the last election and nothing was done about it And we paint Snowden as a criminal.


I am saying that the government concluded that they may or may not have tried but there was no direct or indirect interference. Hell name one law that was even broken. No evidence of hacking, facebook ADs and hashtags are not illegal…