Again/Still Trump refuses to implement Russian Sanctions


Who all is included in “the government”?

The United States Intelligence Community concluded with high confidence that the Russian government engaged in electoral interference during the 2016 U.S. presidential election.[1][2] A January 2017 assessment by the Office of the Director of National Intelligence (ODNI) stated that Russian leadership favored presidential candidate Donald Trump over Hillary Clinton, and that Russian president Vladimir Putin personally ordered an “influence campaign” to harm Clinton’s electoral chances and “undermine public faith in the US democratic process.”[2]:7


No! They tried! The outcome of the election was not affected. Hell the US media and international media outlets interfered more than Russia could have ever done.

The democrats cheated and honestly, without the Russian Red Herring we would not know just how dirty the democrats really are.

Did they try? No doubt but it was ineffective.


You can’t authoritatively make that statement. And it’s certainly in conflict with the IC and congress. And yes Democrats (some at least) most certainly did cheat, though that cheating also helped Trump, as Sanders was going to defeat Clinton had the DNC not cheated him.


And we would have never know if they had not been hacked.

I can say with certainty that the Russians did nothing to hurt the democrat party! FACT!

If the dems had not been conspiring and cheating all along they would not have had problems when the hack happened.

I really want to see the MEMO and these texts! What a tangled web… So when it is proven that the left was in bed with the Russians will that change any opinions?


I want to see it too, and find it hard to believe that it can’t be competently redacted to protect national security and still preserve enough to show IC wrongdoing if there is any. And…I want to see the minority parties memo in response.


I am not interested in any interpretation, I want the facts only. One Repugnant wanted the dem memo released as well. If it is true that Fusion GPS got info from Russia and the IC accepted this information then there is your Russian interference and collusion. Done by the Left and the IC.


Ok you understand that Nunes staffers wrote the memo you’d like to see and that Nunes HAS NOT READ the intelligence report that supposedly informs the staffers memo, right. And why are you opposed to seeing the democrats memo? You might not be so overtly partisan about this Tek.


I did not say I was not interested in the Left MEMO. I said I am not interested in interpretation. I want the facts behind the interpretation.


And neither can you make those statements definitively. I have yet to see where the IC have made a case that Russian interference, given the preponderance of what we know, went to Trump. We know that Russian Bots also produced ads for Clinton. And you most certainly have no way to make the claim that Sanders would have beaten Trump… Most people like their brand of deodorant and damned well want to keep it… Most people know the socialist manifesto is riddled with wholes… No, you can’t make that statement at all.


Ok BINGO, I want the facts behind BOTH parties interpretations.


I am lead to believe that the House Intel Chair wouldn’t vote on the release of the Democrat Memo because they refused to allow the Republicans to read it before the vote… one of those ‘we have to vote on it to find out what’s in it’ kind of things…

Personally I would like it all out there … it is well past time with either let this president get on with his job or cough up the evidence to see him out of office…

Yeah… I knew I read about it … he’s the skinny on the DemoMemo…


Do you know why the republicans don’t want the democrats memo to see the light of day. This is bullshit! If the republicans have something they want the American people to see, so does the democrats. And republicans know what’s in it so they can’t hide behind that. What say you Tek???


The question I have is simple, why is there a Democrat MEMO? Seems they may want to try and rebut things but I say compare and contrast them. I honestly think the memo from the left will be more explanation for illegal activities that are revealed in the repugnant memo.


Let’s look at them BOTH and you can decide for yourself and I can decide for myself. But I don’t trust anybody up there completely.


That statement might be genuine, but I think you might just be saying that so you stop losing a debate. When the Democrats illegally leak their own memo my guess is you’ll be salivating all over it. When President Trump releases the actual memo based on the actual FISA report you’ll probably start bringing up random job approval ratings and all sorts of other crap that has nothing to do with the contents of the memo. Sound right?


Its the usual MO of the illiterate bernie bot

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Are you afraid of seeing them both?? I’ve stated over and over again that I want to see it all out. Mueller, Comey, Rosenstein, Wray, Mc Cabe… these are all Republicans.


The TIC’s JAR isn’t random and is what it is. Let’s see the intelligence support that supposedly informs the review written by Nunes staffers that he hasn’t even read.


There is no need for two replies. Just edit your post. It makes it difficult to reply to you in what should have been one post.

I’m not afraid of reading something. I think it’s the liberals who fear words. They’re the ones who are always talking about feeling unsafe. Words and concepts don’t make me feel unsafe, even words and concepts that I don’t agree with.

I don’t have a problem with the Democrats releasing their own memo. I do have the problem with the Democrats trying to distract from the truth by releasing a memo that’s just a rebuttal and not based on something that is factual. You know how they work just as well as I do. They’ll release their little memo and then claim that it’s the authoritative source and base completely on fact - that’s bullshit. There memo is only going to be a rebuttal to try to diminish the impact of how fucked-up they actually are and actually behaved during the election. The fact is they abused their power in government to try to shift an election. They lost and they weren’t expecting to lose. So now they’re just trying to cover everything up.

They are what you say they are when you don’t provide the source of the information. That’s obfuscation. You are trying to get a narrative out there and it isn’t working.

Again this is another false statement. Prove to me that Nunes hasn’t read the memo that carries his name.


There you have it, you don’t have a problem with the Dems releasing a rebuttal that you haven’t seen and then you portend to know what’s in it.