Alabama lawmaker proposes medicaid eligibility verification bill


What a novel idea, make sure people are eligible before handing out the freebies.

The Alabama state Senate Committee on Fiscal Responsibility and Economic Development is considering a bill that would require the state’s Medicaid agency to verify whether recipients are eligible to receive those benefits.

The Alabama state Senate Committee on Fiscal Responsibility and Economic Development is considering a bill that would require the state’s Medicaid agency to verify whether recipients are eligible to receive those benefits.

Senate Bill 140 (S.B. 140) would also require the Alabama government to ask the federal Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) for permission to implement work requirements for able-bodied individuals receiving Medicaid.

Alabama state Sen. Arthur Orr (R-Decatur) revised S.B. 140 in February, after Alabama asked CMS for permission to implement work requirements for its Medicaid program.

‘Not an Easy Task’

Using government policies to encourage people to better themselves can be difficult, but Orr says it’s worth the effort.

“It is not an easy task to encourage, through policy measures, people to get out if they don’t want to and to seek employment and a job,” Orr said. “That’s very difficult to pull off through policy measures. The more we encourage work, using the programs available for substance abuse, job training, etc., the better off we’re going to be as a society, rather than having no accountability.

“Because we’re offering these other measures, I think it’s a good thing to do all we can to encourage these people to get into the workforce and be productive members of society,” Orr said.

Savings, Personal Empowerment

Leigh Hixon, senior director of policy relations at the Alabama Policy Institute, says taxpayers benefit when states ensure entitlements go only to those who are truly needy.

“If every state implemented Medicaid work requirements, taxpayers could save nearly $1 trillion over the next ten years,” Hixon said.

Hixon says seeking employment or getting job training boosts self-sufficiency.

“Empowering individuals through work is the best way to increase incomes and reduce dependency, and Alabama is seeking permission to put a work requirement on a small number of Medicaid recipients,” Hixon said. “If implemented, affected recipients would have to show they have a job or are actively engaged in a job search or training.”

Marshalling Resources

Hixon says eligibility checks ensure finite taxpayer-funded resources are available for those who actually need help.

“As a result, limited public resources are preserved for the truly needy,” Hixon said. “The experiences in other states indicate that states can conservatively expect to save between 2 and 4 percent of total Medicaid spending.”


Silly me. I thought that making sure that people were eligible to receive a benefit was already a part of the law. Makes sense to me to determine that if someone is requesting a lot of tax money in benefits that the government would conduct a bare minimum level of due diligence.


If they did, illegals would not be working, getting ACA benefits, getting EIC’s, getting welfare benefits.

If government did the barest due diligence, you would’t see the medicaid fraud, medicare fraud we see today.


Do you realize how many Americans are defrauding the federal government in many different ways, but I see it first hand from doctors across the country. FRAUD, ripping off your tax dollars from fellow citizens cheating Medicare and you’re worried about “illegals” getting something for free after we stole half of Mexico’s territory from them. Pay back is a bitch.


Your argument is then that citizens of another country who are here illegally have a right to rip off the US taxpayer?

Also - why are you stereotyping and assuming that all illegals are Mexicans? They aren’t.


Why revisit history between the U S and Mexico. The issue is about a work requirement for able bodied Medicaid recipients.
Since this is a state run taxpayer funded medical program , theres nothing wrong with a work requirement .
There is alot of fraud by the Medical Industry in ripping off the taxpayers. This is where a vigilant AG should prosecute offenders with few plea bargains and.more taking away permanently.the licenses of the Medical Professionals.


Because it’s relevant, particularly if you’re Mexican.


True, but most of them are. And they were ripped off first.


Why is it relevant if your Mexican??? There are plenty of non Hispanics ( Whites) on Medicaid that are physically able to do some type of work.


Because they are the ones who had half of their country stolen from them, shrug.


The real problem is bureaucrats making.these people illegal or legal able to collect Medicaid or other taxpayers.benefits and being complicit with the Medical Industry ripping off the Taxpayers.This isn’t a one sided issue!!!


Not sure what you’re saying there.


You don’t believe bureaucrats on the inside , not all of them contribute to the fraud???


Been through this before- All this Aztlan silliness - Monte- I had no idea you were a Mexican LaRaza type. That does help explain your desire to see the US hand the southwest to a country founded on genocide, that lost a war and territory. If the US decided to hand over the Southwest - it would have to be exclusively to those with the most legitimate claim - the direct, undiluted descendants of the Aztecs and or Mayans.

‘Mexicans’ don’t count, as they are all descended from genocidal interlopers. That the White devil won the battle of who’s the strongest conqueror is just tough luck for the pissy LaRaza racists.


Well, I’m neither an advocate or critic, just readily pointing to the consequences of ill gotten gains. And speaking of genocide, think native Americans and the general attitude towards those “savages” by the immigrant Americans.


Social justice warrior to the core.