Algerian War: Macron orders French army to report to Arabs


Macron continues his liquidation work on behalf of his friends. He will order the French army to have fought the traitors of the Communist Party which supported Algeria on behalf of Moscow against France.

France Info :

The head of state will go Thursday, Sept. 13 Josette Audin, the widow of Maurice Audin, disappeared in June 1957 in Algiers, after being arrested and tortured by paratroopers General Massu.

It is the opportunity for Emmanuel Macron to recognize a form of responsibility of the State in the use of torture during the war of Algeria through the existence of a “system legally instituted”, reveals France Inter, Thursday.

The President of the Republic will announce his decision to open all the national archives so that we finally know exactly what happened to the husband of Josette Audin, mathematician, member of the Communist Party and militant anticolonialist , whose body has never been found.

According to the Elysee Palace, “Emmanuel Macron has decided that it is time for the Nation to carry out a work of truth” on the disappearance of Maurice Audin. If his death is “in the last resort, the fact of a few”, it was made possible by a “legally established system” called “arrest-detention” which "authorizes the police to arrest, detain and interrogate any ‘suspect’ ". The special powers granted to the army were “the unfortunate breeding ground for sometimes terrible acts, including torture”.

Emmanuel Macron will also ask that all the archives of the State concerning the disappeared of the war of Algeria can be freely consulted, and not only those of the defense.

Finally, he calls on all those who have known the circumstances of the death of Maurice Audin to express themselves freely in the name of the duty of truth.

Some veterans associations will not appreciate this approach but “we assume,” slip the entourage of Emmanuel Macron. As for the date chosen for this recognition of the crime against Communist activist Maurice Audin, on the eve of the Feast of Humanity, the choice is also very symbolic .

Macron allies itself openly with the Communists, the first supporters of the Islamic invasion, with one aim: to excite the Arabs against the French army and to capitalize politically on Algerian vermin who colonize France.

Because it is of course only an appetizer on the part of this hypocrite: the goal is of course to open all possible and imaginable files that hold the FLN to power in Algeria.

Macron had promised his battalions of cruelty a vengeance in due form. In France.

Macron knowingly wants to place the French army and its most “patriotic” elements in a defensive position by letting go of the Marxists and the crushes against them.

And of course, the bunch of hideouts who order it will be instructed to monitor the slightest opposition to intensify the ongoing purge. We will no longer count the number of officers eager to polish the knot of all these bougnoules by order of their lodges.

All this, of course, in the name of the republic and human rights.

The French army has only one vocation within this Semitic republic: to realize the bases works of the Jewry in the Middle East or in Africa.

In France, she can at best pretend to take the bullets for the Jews.

At the point where it is, it is better to dismantle this institution.

The French army will soon have only one function: to allow Algeria to become indirectly a nuclear state.


Macron should just let the Africans have France as part of a reparations package. It’s like he’d be giving away nothing.