Amazon studio head in trouble: ‘You will love my dick’


“YOU will love my d***”.

An Amazon executive has reportedly been suspended after a lesbian producer of one of Amazon Studio’s top-rating shows outlined shocking allegations of sexual harassment against him at a high-end hotel.

The claims include boasting about his penis and screaming “anal sex” in her ear in front of other executives at an Amazon afterparty.

Even David E. Kelley, creator of Big Little Lies and Ally McBeal, said he would never work with Amazon “until their entertainment house is put in order.”

It comes as Hollywood reels over the alleged rape and sexual harassment claims against one of its former top-dog producers, Harvey Weinstein.

Isa Hackett is an executive producer on The Man in the High Castle, one of Amazon’s highest-profile TV shows, The Hollywood Reporter reports.

Hackett was attending Comic-Con in San Diego in 2015 when she says she found herself in an altercation with Roy Price, the head of Amazon Studios.

Price’s father, Frank, previously ran Columbia Pictures and Universal Studios but his son has been responsible for Amazon’s growth in the streaming and movies sector. According to The Hollywood Reporter, the family have “deep connections” in Tinseltown.

He is responsible for the Academy Award nominated 2016 film, Manchester by the Sea, starring Michelle Williams.

Similarly to Weinstein, insiders say it’s not the first time they’ve heard whispers about Price’s behaviour. He is now being referred online as “Amazon’s own Weinstein”.

Hackett alleges she was in San Diego after a long day promoting The Man in the High Castle at Comic-Con when she attended a party at the US Grant Hotel for dinner with the show’s cast and Amazon staff.

There, she met Price, where he invited her to an after-party at the W Hotel. She took a taxi there with Price and another Amazon executive at the time, Michael Paull.

In the taxi Price began to proposition Hackett and told her, “you will love my d***”.

Hackett told multiple colleagues about the incident immediately after the fact — and said she had “made clear” she was not interested after telling him she was a lesbian and she had a wife and children.

But Price allegedly wouldn’t budge — and continued even when they were inside the party, Hackett claims. Hackett alleges Price screamed “anal sex” in her ear while she was talking among other executives.

An Amazon spokesperson told Variety: “Roy Price is on leave of absence effective immediately. “We are reviewing our options for our projects we have with the Weinstein Company.”

Rumours over Price’s misconduct has allegedly been swirling for some time after some executives already began to distance themselves from the embattled chief.

“Insiders have speculated for months about Price’s possible departure from his role as head of Amazon’s original-video arm,” Variety said.

“Multiple agents and producers who spoke to Variety in recent weeks speculated that such a departure may come soon.”

Amazon told The Hollywood Reporter: “We take seriously any questions about the conduct of our employees. We expect people to set high standards for themselves; we encourage people to raise any concerns and we make it a priority to investigate and address them. Accordingly, we looked closely at this specific concern and addressed it directly with those involved.”

Price has declined to comment.

Hackett said she hasn’t seen Price in the aftermath of the incident and said Harvey Weinstein’s scandal is what inspired her to come forward.

“I feel inspired by the other women who have been far braver than I am, who have come forward. I hope we all continue to inspire each other and ultimately create change.

But she said it was “difficult because of the fact that I have two shows and I love those shows and I value my experience at Amazon.

“But this incident has been looming and it’s difficult to shake it.

“I didn’t want the details to come out previously because I didn’t want to distract or deflate the energies of all the people who are so invested in these shows, and all of that positivity.

“You don’t want to bring this into it. It feels demoralising.”


‪First Weinstein now this executive from Amazon gets it. His lawyer already quit. Is this the “calm before the storm” Trump was talking about?


Wait a minute. I’m confused. I thought that the Hollywood liberal elite were our moral superiors in this country? Their constant virtue signaling and denouncement of anything remotely conservative as racist, homophobic, xenophobic, and sexist is designed to shame us and show us the 'right" way of thinking. They are collectively had meltdowns when Donald Trump engaged in some locker room banter a decade ago. These sick fucks actually make good on grabbing pussy, sexually harassing people, and rape. Then they all turned around and covered for each other for years and years. It seems to me like they were okay with this if it got them ahead. I’d say the one exception is actually this Amazon lady. She reported this behavior immediately and Jeff Bezos, that’s sick looking alien bastard help to cover it all up. Yet we are supposed to listen to these people? Fuck them.


Why was this woman-- a Lesbian-- in a cab with this guy going to a party. I’m not defending the Amazon guy. Just a strange story.


I read earlier that the leftwing Washington Post buried the Amazon sexual harassment scandal in their Arts & Entertainment section.

Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos owns the Post.


How is anyone surprised by any of this? All of Hollywood is nothing but a bunch of self congratulating and self-serving sleazebags. They all do nasty twisted things to one another and with one another just to get ahead. I honestly don’t care about any of this. These people always claim to be victims months and years after something happened. Look at this one Rose McGowan girl for example. No one has seen her in anything since the early and mid-2000s. Now all of a sudden she’s this crusader against sexual perversion in Hollywood? This is all so she can get attention so people go watch her crappy low budget movies and support her. These people are literally the lowest forms of human life. Don’t listen to a word they say.


They are moral superiors and exempt from all laws