Amber Rudd: Viewers of Online Terrorist Material Face 15 Years in Jail


The UK has just gone full blown 1984. The government gets to define what consists of “online terrorist material” and that means anything critical of the government in general or of the ruling parties in particular will probably get categorized.

@Scott your days of being able to use the internet are over.


Did you even read what you posted? Why in the hell would any decent individual even want to repeatedly view such material to begin with. I doubt that this is going to raise much concern in Britain.


Did you even read my comments above the link?


Yes, you assume that this means that people will no longer be able to view anything critical of the government, “probably”!!! That’s not what your link says.


“I want to make sure those who view despicable terrorist content online, including jihadi websites, far-right propaganda and bomb-making instructions, face the full force of the law,” said Rudd.

The UK government is saying that anyone caught streaming “far-right propaganda” is subject to 15 years in prison. My definition, your definition, and the government’s definition of far-right propaganda can all be different…only one definition gets an innocent person tossed in jail.


15 years for reading the Quran?

If that were the case I would get behind this law.


You missed jihadi websites and bomb making websites!!! I see you focused in on the propaganda part because it’s right wing. Could have included far left as well to be balanced, for sure. But if it includes either it needs to be narrowly defined.


I would too if it included the Old Testament.


How did I miss it? I’m the one who posted the quote from the article I read and posted here. Focus on the subject of the discussion.

Also, that statement was from the UK government.

They excluded far-left sites and only mentioned far right sites…which again…is totally subjective. ISIS websites are not subjective. We all know what those are.


Also what??? I’m the one that said that for balance it should of included far left propaganda as well, with one caveat.


Viewing “far-right propaganda” could = 15 years in jail.

The media calls UKIP “far-right”.

Let that sink in.


Also, the context of the statement is jihadi terrorist website viewing. Jihadi terrorists ARE extreme right groups.


Well the media isn’t defining the law, so it doesn’t matter. The government has guidelines that define extremist groups.


That’s because things labeled as “far right” have caused people to question the composition of government and the politicians who are a part of it. Globalists call anything not aligned to their interests far-right. Noticing a trend here? Globalists are so worried about their future they are willing to start locking up citizens who question them.


Globalization is driven by many factors, one of which is big Business, and both parties pander to big Business which doesn’t like the encumbrances of borders, in preference to the free flow of goods, capital and labor. Both parties are pro globalization.


Remind me never to go to the UK. This woman wants to put people in jail for looking at anything she considers right wing. Yet her and her kind will be the first to turn a blind eye to Muslim run human trafficking networks and child sex rings.


Don’t ever go to the U.K. Btw, jihadi terrorists are right wing extremists and that was the context of her statement. So if you’re a British citizen that’s prone to hanging around Islamic extremist websites where they peddle their right wing propaganda, then you’re going to get a visit from authorities.


That is not correct and that was not the context of her statement. Pretty sad that you are trying to connect radical Islamic terrorism to Western conservative political thought.


Of course it’s correct. Religious fundamentalists are right wing, no matter the brand. The rest of your commentary is absurd. Neither myself or the op tie this to politics, we tie it to jihadist right wing propaganda on their websites which is critical of western values, and bomb making.


LOL - you aren’t even trying. We all can read here. We know what she said. No one is buying what you are selling.